"Put the gun down!! I said put the gun down!!

*Shot Fired*

That night, That damn night

I was bleeding like a stuck pig and I don't know how I made it out of that place but I knew I wasn't going to make it far. I crawled right through the alleyway and saw the people, the same people who used to fear me in the past looked down on me with pity. It was starting to get dizzy and all I could see was blood. This seemed as an indication from god to stop fighting and just relax as long as I could. I laid my back on a dumpsters nearby and spread my legs as far as I could waiting for the inevitable to come. My eyes shut down and I could see it coming, It was the most beautiful experience of my life and suddenly it stopped. I opened my eyes and saw Martha, my Martha whom I had lost a long time ago, to whom I had promised to leave this life behind was standing right in front of me. She gazed at me without speaking a word and I don't think she needed to, her eyes were saying it all. She was ashamed of me, she was ashamed that I couldn't even keep up a single promise, the promise of always taking care of Jack. She was ashamed that I let her down and ended up exactly the way she despised the most. Her hatred and shame were hitting me hard and tears started to fall from my eyes, the tears of guilt and betrayal. I was expecting an unexpected revival but soon realized that this was not a film this was life and in real life when you gotta go, you go.

I am sorry Martha, I let you down but you should know I did it all for Jack

*Earlier that day*

Principal Daisy: He is a remarkable boy Mr. Stokes but I am really sorry we can't do much, we will be really sad for loosing such a gem but that's all we can do

Mr. Stokes: But ma'am he has 3 scholarships and ranks first in every field, doesn't that count for nothing at all

Principal Daisy: According to the Law Book of St. Xavier's high school any scholarship will be immediately revoked if the guardian/parent is unable or unsuccessful in payment of the percentage of the fees mentioned in the scholarship letter.

Mr. Stokes: Please...I beg of you...help me out... for Martha

Principal Daisy: (sigh) Okay Mr. Stokes, I will give you 1 day...by tomorrow morning if you don't arrange the money then I would have my hands tied.

Desperation makes a man take a lot of bad decisions and my desperation took away everything from me

In an attempt to fix things for Jack I completely left him alone in this world



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