He looks so good and has such good clothing sense, all people are attracted only to him. I am not really that good looking, no one really cares about me and I am worthless. All those people who are always surrounded with such thoughts this article is for you.

In todays society competition is a very important thing, it really helps you to deliver results upto your maximum capacity and also helps earn respect in the world. But even competion has its own bounds. It is fine untill it's healthy but the moment it breaks that bound, it only leads to destruction. Each person created by god is unique in his own right. Some might have good looks, some might have a good brain and some might have a good heart. Do remember that a perfect person has never been created and nor can any person attain perfection, each person is flawed in his or her own way. So why develope jealous about something you dont have?

Developing jealousy about something that is god given is nuts. You got to accept what you have and move on. Take me for example, I am not the most good looking person and nor am I Albert Einstein so I just accept it and stay happy with what I have. A person who develops jealousy and tries to attain perfection always looses something in return. Micheal Jackson was one of the World's Biggest pop Icons but even in his pursuit to perfecting his body he lost a lot things valuable to him.

Even I am human and I have to admit that sometimes I also develop jealousy for something I don't have. To combat these thoughts I came up with a solution called The Pie Chart Theory

Just assume that when god creates you he puts all qualities in a form of a pie chart. And I strongly believe that everybody has some quality that takes up 80% of their pie chart. So when I see a really good looking person I just assume that he might have 80% of looks but he is lacking something as he has other thing lesser than 20%. So rather than focusing on achieving his 80% I would focus on perfecting mine.

Always remember even a pie chart can't display all data being 100%. That's life and thats what makes us human



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