DISCLAIMER- This is a part of the Black Order Universe, If you have not read the previous two please do find it in my blogs and then come back

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER - This is a fan fiction so chill

The Black Order fan fiction series is something that I have been really passionate about . Each piece of writing I delivered was directly connected to the dream that someday I might get a chance of viewing this story come alive on the screen. Since its inception The Marvel Cinematic Universe been a big part of my life BUT I had not started writing blogs to fulfill my own desire. I do understand that it is my responsibility as a writer to write something that appeal to everyone and not just to me. For the purpose of not leaving the story unfinished I have decided to conclude the Black Order Universe.

Immediately after exiting the graveyard Justin Hammer started to research about the Avengers. From the events of Iron Man 2 we do get to know that Hammer Tech was shut down for unscrupulous activities, Justin might have lost the company but he still did have a heavy bank balance. Dr. Ravi was in prison where he met people who had vanished and cameback, he brainwashed some of the naive prisoners who did not vanish by filling their ears about the dangerous future and caused many riots in the prison facility. During one of the riots Dr. Ravi escaped prison successfully. Meanwhile using his monetary power Hammer built various deadly tech and faced the Avengers in many occasions and lost most of the times. He often conversed with and beat up a photo of Tony Stark to take out his anger. As soon Dr. Ravi escaped prison he started to research about what exactly had happened in the past. Like the movie Logan released in 2017 the MCU also has its own comics and various forms of written archives present in its universe, Dr. Ravi used these archives as a reference and pin pointed a loophole in the past. The Avengers left Thanos’s body as it is in the garden 5 years ago.

Dr. Ravi had one primary goal that was to restore the Earth as it was after Thanos’s snap and he knew that the Avengers will not let that happen. He researched more and more for 25 years and had come up with a solution “Genetic Fusion” or as he liked to call it the “Titan fusion”. As Zemo said in Captain America: Civil War released in 2016 “A man with patience and experience can do anything”, Dr. Ravi had both of them. In 25 years Justin Hammer was 78 and Dr. Ravi was 85. Hammer turned out to be drunk and was depressed about his constant defeat to the hand of the Avengers. Dr. Ravi exploited Hammer’s metal weakness and brainwashed him. He used Hammer’s money and influence to travel to The Garden and procure Thanos’s body. After 5 years of failing in genetic fusion, Hammer had completely lost hope but professor continued his experiment. All the subjects abducted for the test run melted halfway through the fusion. Dr. Ravi and Hammer had a big argument about the whole initiative and Hammer in the middle of it said “You have completely lost your mind Doctor!!”. Dr. Ravi immediately understood where the problem was, genetic fusion was not only about physical transformation, it was about how strong the person is mentally also. Thanos had a very strong ideology about his approach for controlling population, so it had to be someone who had strong thoughts as well. The doctor headed into the pod and told Hammer to start the process. The process went on and suddenly the whole lab started to shake. Hammer tried to stop the process but was unable to. After about half an hour the machine finally stopped and the smoke cleared. Dr. Ravi came out of the pod and was looking 50 years younger, Titan genetics had de-aged him. His strength, resilience and intellect also increased by a significant amount. Thanos’s body turned into dust and Dr. Ravi became Professor Titan. In order to test his powers Hammer was killed by Professor Titan.

78 years after the events of Endgame Earth started to deteriorate rapidly and there was a crunch in supplies of basic necessities. Many people started to protest against the government demanding for supplies, these set of people became easy targets for Professor Titan to brainwash and build up a team. Professor Titan had created a serum using his own blood that enhanced physical and mental abilities for a short period of time. He created the New Black order and in order to control population they started to kill of people. The Avengers intervened and clashed with the new black order but faced defeat as one Thanos was too much to handle and the professor had created thousands. Eventually every single member of the New Black order died as their bodies could not bear Thanos’s powers including the professor.

There is no happy ending to this story as the way we are going about, Earth is not going to have one too



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