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Character Trivia

Dr. K. Ravichandran - Professor of Environmental studies at MIT, Have Ph.Ds in environmental science , humanitarian studies and Geography. A great admirer of mother Earth and pities the state it is currently in. Loves to expand his knowledge and not really liked by peers for his environmental preachings and absurd way of living

Kuthrapali - Assistant to Dr. K. Ravichandran , does not really like the doctor for his ways and methods but respects him for his achievments.


73 years Ago


Less People, Less cramped streets, cleaner water and a Happier World. We finally had protected you mother,

And now its all gone...


79 years ago

MIT Visionary meet

Announcer: And now we would like to call upon the stage Dr. K. Ravichandar

Dr. Ravi: It's Ravichandran actually (the announcer ignores and walks away) um...ok...I was certainly expecting a larger audience um....nevermind lets begin...

(5 mins later the only person sitting in the auditorium walks away so the 1 hour speech prepared by Dr. Ravi had to be cut short)

(Dr. Ravi walking out of the door with anger)

Dr. Ravi: Is this way to treat a senior experienced professor. No publicising of the event, No effort taken to pull the crowd and the people, I mean todays generation does not seen to care about the environment at all. All they want to watch is robotic shows, video games and that nonsense idiot box they all have. When will they understand that at the rate we are growing, we are nearly going to hit the inevitable.

Kuthrapali: You are absolutely right at every aspect professor...I really sometimes think you should move to Mars maybe...

Dr. Ravi: Stop joking Kuthrapali, Mars has way more issues than our Mother earth, Did you know that Mars...

Kuthrapali: ugh, now don't get started professor...

(both continue the conversation and walk away)

27th April 2018 at the Professors Home

Kuthrapali: Professor, I got yours...seeds. God...why do you even live like this.

Dr. Ravi: Like what?

Kuthrapali: Like this....in the forest, no phones, no gps and no Television. All you have is a farmland and the forests, your house is more of a farm rather than a home.

Dr. Ravi: Son, this is all just my share to protect the environment. As it is the Earth is heating up and did you know that...

Kuthrapali: Oh please stop, no wonder you never got a girl

Dr. Ravi: Well that one was my decison, In order to control the Earth's population from my side I did not evoke any feeling for anyone except for the Mother Earth.

Kuthrapali: Yeah I am sure you didn't (sarcastically)


*To Be Continued*