Food is a very essential part of our lives. Everyday our body need 2400 calories of food to function properly.... Oh come on! Do you really want to read this?

WARNING - This article is going to be really heavy so better get your gym pants on and start running as soon as you are done reading

Just kidding you wouldn't really be on this page if you were the gym type

From Chinese Sizzlers to Chat Bhandar, from Gajar Ka Halwa to Gourmet Chocolates, from Mozzarella to Maa ki haath ka Rajma Oh! My mouth has just started to drip. Coming to the point, Delhi is a treasure chest exploding with various food varieties. Being the national capital region Delhi has almost every single cuisine available from around the world. Each Delhite has that one "bhaiya" who has psychic abilities and will know what you want before you even speak a word, for me personally it is the chole wala from our complex. Delhi is the city in which you get more food varieties than your phone signals. Whether it be the Mouth Wattering Platters from Wood Box Cafe or the Pipeing hot sizzlers from Berco's Delhi never fails to show it's love for food.

If you haven't tried the Parantha's from the Paranthe Wali Gali you have not yet attained Nirvana, In the heart of Old Delhi lies The Great Indian Market known as Chandi Chowk. The Market is famous for a lot of things like Wedding Apparels, books , daily usage products but the most Famous place is the Paranthe Wali Gali. Last time I walked into the place the smell of the Paranthas itself filled my stomach. I literally hugged the person who was making the paranthas for the miracle he had just served and dozed off for 20 minutes straight after the sweetest lassi I have ever had. Not only the Paranthas, the market is also famous for its various varieties of Indian chats and sweets like the Hazari Lal Jain sweet shop or the Padam Chat shop will make your taste buds go crazy. This Place is heaven!

If you are here and still not feeling hungry lets move on, This place is the one stop shop for all requirments, whether it be apparels collection or just the smell of the food, I can be at Lajpat Nagar Central Market for enternity. This go to place in South Delhi has some really jaw dropping munchies available. From the world famous Dolma Aunty Momos to the exquisite chat bhandars Central Market is filled with suprises every time you visit. But I have a different go to place in the Market, I got the reference from a friend and when I visited the place, I was mind blown!! Have you ever seen Waffles with chocolate over chocolate over chocolate over chocolate, Yeah! Thats what this place is. Waffle point provides affordable, mouth wattering and very filling waffles, I have never really heard all three adjectives in the same line with waffles so better rush!

Like this there are various food joints waiting to be explored, the only thing you need to do is google.

Now I am starting to feel hungry

Have a nice day dreaming about all these places!!



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