DISCLAIMER- This is a part of the Black Order Universe, If you have not read the previous two please do find it in my blogs and then come back

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER - This is a fan fiction so chill


*At the Graveyard*

Justin Hammer: (emotional) How could you...How could your really rest Anthony, after all you have done how could you rest. You ruined my life; Hammer Industries was a dream for me!!! Brick by brick day by day I slogged to build that company and you...you turned it all into dust. You might have gone to the other side Tony but I know your heart is still here. Your daughter, Pepper and all the Avengers, your legacy that you built while I was rotting in the prison, I will take it all away from you Tony...I will take it all away from you!!

*Meanwhile at Dr. Ravi's home*

(Dr. Ravi returns home all sad and agonized about the event that just occured)

( Kuthrapali turns up)

Kuthrapali: What year is this? what happened? Doctor? last I remember was... we were talking about girls... what happened? why are you so sad and what happened to your face and hair...you look older

(Dr. Ravi runs and hugs Kuthrapali)

Dr. Ravi: I missed you Kuthrapali...I really did but did not want you back (stab)

Kuthrapali:(shocked) Why did you do that?!?!

Dr. Ravi: Because your sacrifice was essential son...Mother Earth needs your help

(Kuthrapali somehow fights out of the situation and Dr. Ravi goes unconcious, he then call the police and gets Dr. Ravi arrested)

(Kuthrapali dies due to excessive bleeding)