Easy: Bewafai Guitar Chords With Capo

Arpit Mittal
Apr 21, 2020   •  104 views

Love can be wonderful and breath-taking, but sometimes it is painful and devastating. Don’t you agree? We all have been broken by love at least once in our lives. So the latest single Bewafai is out now to heal your wounds and aid you to express your grief. Bewafai is an extremely heart-rending song with some groovy music and captivating beats. Bewafai chords are simple and easy and the beginners can strum them quite fluently and effortlessly. The guitar chords have a smooth progression and follow a facile strumming pattern.

From the feature film soundtrack genre, Bewafai uses the different types of guitars like the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and other exotic instruments like the piano, the drums quite euphoniously. This heart rending number has been composed by our one and only Rochak Kohli, sung by the mellifluent Sachet Tandon and has been penned down by the poetic Manoj Muntashir.

Bewafai Chords with Capo

Capo: 3rd Fret

Intro: Em, A, C, B

(Em)Ishq Jahan Humne Likha(D)
(C)Kaagaz Woh Tune Jala Diya(Em)

(Em)Ishq Jahan Humne Likha
(A)Kaagaz Woh Tune Jala Diya

(C)Phir Aaj Yeh Aankhein Bheeg Gayi
(D)Phir Yaad Ne Teri Rula Diya

(Em)Chal Diya Chodke(A)
(Em)Chal Diya Chodke Aise Dil Todke

(A)Dheere Dheere Mujhe Tanhayi Maar Dalegi
(Em)Mujhe To Yeh
(Em)Mujhe To Teri Yeh (A)Bewafai Maar Daalegi

(Em)Lagta Hai Mujhe Yeh…Haaye
(Em)Lagta Hai Mujhe Yeh (A)Judaayi Mar Dalegi

(Em)Mujhko To Teri Yeh (A)Bewafai Maar Daalegi
(Em)Mujhko To Teri Yeh (A)Bewafai Maar Daalegi

(Em)Ye To Bata Ek Pal Ke Liye Bhi
(B)Yaad Tujhe Aayi Kya Meri

(Em)Pighal Rahi Thi Dheere Dheere
(A)Baanhon Mein Jab Tu Aur Kisi Ki

(Em)Kitni Awaazein Di
(A)Itni Awaazein Di Cheen Ke Bhi Na Suni

(Em)Mujhko To Teri Yeh Bewafai Maar Daalegi
(A)Mujhko To Teri Yeh Bewafai Maar Daalegi

(Em)Lagta Hai Mujhe Yeh…Haaye
(A)Lagta Hai Mujhe Yeh Judaayi Mar Dalegi

Mujhko To Teri Yeh Bewafai Maar Daalegi
Mujhko To Teri Yeh Bewafai Maar Daalegi

Oo… Bewafai Oo… Bewafayi
Oo… Bewafai Oo… Bewafayi

Bewafai is a heart-breaking tale of love and betrayal. As the name itself suggests; infidelity, disloyalty and deceit can shatter a person’s heart into million pieces, thus traumatizing him or her for the rest of their lives. This has exactly been portrayed in this soulful rendition in a very melancholic way. Shot in exotic outdoor locales, the video of this song is a visual treat and the on-screen love triangle between the stunning Musskan Sethi, handsome Mr. Faisu and the dashing Aadil Khan is indeed mesmerising. Rochak Kohli is as usual at his best, and this composition of his, like the others, is another feather to the hat. Sachet’s captivating vocals are magical like always, and it is for him that we are compelled to listen to this amazing track on loop. The lyrics are very conversational and express a deep sense of pathos. The melody harmonises well with the pensive and the dejected mood and serves as the perfect anthem for all the jilted lovers out there.