Every day you wake up and you get your shit together, don’t you?

We live in a society where hate, bullying, slut shaming, insults and threats have become commonly acceptable. People take on the internet as a way for criticism and abuse because it’s easiest to sit behind a computer screen and say things like which are really shitty, with no consequences what so ever.

While 9 out of 10 times, these are not ‘real threats’ because these ‘real people’ feel the need to shelter under fake names and fake identities to threaten you, almost 10 out of 10 times- they leave an impact on the person being harassed/bullied/abused.

When someone insults you, threatens you, compliments you or inspires you- it doesn’t matter which medium it’s happening on whether its internet or something else- they leave an impact on us and our behaviors.

So the next time you, any of you find yourself typing away nasty, dirty things to someone online - ask yourself, would you say this on their face? Would you like to say it back to you? Is it worth hurting someone?

Remember that however attractive you may find someone, telling them you’ll come f*** them hard – is a freaking rape threat. And rape is real. Rape, is not a joke. Neither is incest. Or murder.

And remember, that when you look at a person, you often see what you want to see. Sexy, bold, confident -

·May be desirable.
·A slut.
·shy and weak
·Sadness, too!

What you see, is reflection of who you are.

What they really are – is strong and beautiful,
·For waking up every day and living the life they’re living.
·putting up with judgments that flow like rivers,
·Working hard towards their dreams and never letting their fears show, for being brave.

I see so many of you handling the hate and the toxicity better than I ever could’ve imagined and I guess I want you to know, that for all the days you’ve wiped your tears and stood up again without caring about what other people think- it does make a difference, it didn’t go waste.

Your strength – is everything