Meditation Isn’T Yoga Every Time!

Anushka Srinet
Jan 27, 2019   •  67 views

Meditation has been long valued by the philosophers, mystics and sages for its healing and spiritual qualities. To learn meditation there’s no prescribed or defined age yet any one can learn that.

When anyone talks about yoga or meditation the first question that strikes my mind is “How these people even deal with this boredom of meditation?” I mean How it’s even possible for anyone to sit in one position for hours chanting some sort of mantras?

There used to be a list of questions until someone enlightened my mind the other day. When I got to know the real meaning of meditation, I applied it to my day to day schedule trust me, I loved it, as it worked for me soo well. See, meditation does a miracle. It changes your perception towards your own life. It makes you sorted and you accept yourself in a way like nobody ever could.

Here comes the meaning of meditation:
Meditating doesn’t alwaysmeanyoga or chanting mantrasnow and then.Rather,it means doing something you are passionate about. I would prefer to explain itwith the simplestexamples. Like if all of my life I have been working on something that I don’t like or I don’t have interest then what’s next, obviously outcome wouldn’t be that perfect or I must say It would not be perfect at all.

Or if somebody is pro at cricket and he or she is deliberately put into badminton stuff, what do you think the result would be? Quite obvious it is!

Until and unless people don’t make their own choices they won’t be getting success. So meditation somewhat means doing what you love from the bottom of your heart. Soo that it helps you to grow and improve on a daily basis.

Meditation that involves self-study is very important part of any human’s life as it helps you to discover your inner self and makes you stronger than ever before. Stronger in a sense that it makes you believe that YESSS!!! I’M meant for this. It prepares you, your body and your mind and makes you fall in love with yourself and it helps to embrace your flaws soo beautifully and gracefully that eventually you turn into a most classic human being.

As Sadhguru quotes:

The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break the boundaries you have drawn for yourself and experience the immensity that you are. The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged, as a result of your own ignorance and live the way the Creator made – utterly blissful and infinitely responsible.

It means that you have been created for something really worth full and just free yourself from every shackle that is holding you. When you meditate you connect yourself to spiritual forces that help you to attain the stability that you have been searching for.

Successful people often talk about focus and dedication. They did not receive these two vital elements from their mother’s womb. They worked for it! Meditation helped them achieve that. It isn’t simple but on the other end it’s not tough either. It’s just the matter of priorities.

Believe in yourself and make that each effort count. Love yourself in a way that others can feel it too. Push yourself out from the palace of illusion.