Individualism refers to the habit of being independent and self-reliant. It is a social theory that favors freedom of action over collective or state control. Individualism can be the ideology, a moral stance or social outlook that focuses on actual worth of the individual.

This term has mostly been misconceptualised. People who don’t know the real essence or meaning of the word individualism often relate it to egoism or selfishness. Instead individualism provides a civilized society that is where people cooperate with each other and respect their decisions. It enhances the peaceful coexistence among group of people on the basis of recognition of individual rights.

Individualist is not a man who says “I’ll do as I want” instead an individualist is a man who says “I’ll not run anyone’s life nor let anybody run mine". I will not be a master nor a slave.

Being an individualistic human simply means that we have our own paths and we are creator of our own destiny and we don’t run after the crowd. It means that yes we have accepted ourselves and ready to embrace that already.

Individualism doesn’t means that people start taking decision for their own benefit and they can go to any extent for this. Nooo!!! Not at all. It means that a person wants to be responsible for all goods and bads. And he or she is capable of taking imperative decisions of their life. It is a part of adulting. And in this whole procedure of learning and evolving they learn to respect and accept the other person as they are. They don’t try to change themselves accordingly. This is the benefit of being an individualistic personality.

Individuality is the self-expression and that is ought to be the chief concern. The person feels free in every situation as he or she has its own believes and approaches. They are not bounded to any other individual or association.

Most importantly it is absolutely okay to be different. It is 100% normal to be out of the box. What matters most is that you have to be the person who you actually are!

No matter what others think!