Carrier Counselling- Worth Or Trash (Part-2)

Anushka Srinet
Jun 09, 2019   •  2 views

1st of all what is the meaning or essence of this word counselling?

It is as simple as any other concepts. To counsel means to clear up the clouds of confusions in one’s mind. This is supposed to be done by the professionals only as it may get messed up later. Counselling clears the approach towards a simple goal. It is not something which can make you feel inferior or something else instead it will make you realise your own strengths and positive points. It makes you clear about your preferences.

There are several types of counselling. And every aspect and type of counselling is imperative at times.

But here we are discussing regarding the importance of carrier counselling.

If you have read my previous article you would easily relate.

There I talked about a teenage boy Xeron who just cleared his class 10th exams and jumped ahead to class 11th where he’s supposed to choose his stream but his so called concerned relatives kept him confused like illiterates. And now he’s to the position where he can’t decide what he wants.

To his good fortune one day somebody suggested him to visit a good counsellor. he went there and got all his doubts and confusions cleared.

The relation between a client and a therapist is full with emotions and the stuff that nobody else is aware of. They make you realise your own worth and make you count your own strengths. They let u pin out all the confusions and you get a clear path for your next goal.

Carrier counselling helps you from not falling from edge and you can do so well in your carrier preference after the counselling.

soo after this you can say that counselling is not trash it is worth as it helped xeron with carrier prefrence and it helps other teenagers too, to deal with the confusions and the stress.