Carrier Counseling- Worth Or Trash (Part 1)

Anushka Srinet
May 31, 2019   •  1 view

School phase
So Xeron a young Indian boy got done with his class 10th exams and as usual the most common discussion of every family; which stream the child would go for? So many suggestions and advices and other carrier related concerns. And a teen’s life goes hell messed up. “How much you scored in science? If the answer goes for the higher rank then they say you should go for PCM or PCB. The line of suggestions and the amount of pressure goes up the graph. And if you do not excel in mathematics then why don’t you try for commerce? If by chance student happens to say he would likely go for humanities.

Society: holy shitttt!!!! No that is for the weaker section of the students. History! That does not consist of any future. What else? Political science! Then what you would go for?

Irony laughs in all the situations. Did anyone ask what that teen wants? Okay if you’ve asked then too did you bother about his/her preference?

If the family considers their wards’ decision then there’s no issue of concern but if they do not then it maybe or it will be a great problem to deal with it.

Anyhow students learn to deal with such situations eventually.

College phase
So college time it is! We the relatives and other family friends are ready with our baseless suggestions and advices. We are on our way to compress you under the pressure of these suggestions (sarcastically presented).

Many youngsters those who are bold enough to take their decisions they don’t give dam to these compressive advices. And bad is for those who get influenced by these baseless discussions and get loaded with messed up and complicated issues. Mostly tend to go for wrong decisions and carrier choices.

It is very important to introspect before any finalized decisions. Engineering or doctor or captainship etc whatever the choice maybe it should be from heart and mind both not under any pressure.

And for any confusion counseling is the best choice to go for. It is not something which can make you feel inferior or something else. It’s good to get your haphazard thoughts and confusions to get lined up in a sequence.

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