Be my tom,
I’ll be your Jerry.
Be my oggy,
I’ll be your Jack.
Be my Gian.
I’ll be your Suneo.
Be my Bugs Bunny,
I’ll be your Carrot.
Be my bff,
And I’ll always be your Yara.
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Friendships can be over everything in this world if you get a right company or just a single human being who’s completely into you. Best friend does not means that you have to do the same stuff and get involved into same habits or have hatred for the bunch of common people. No it doesn’t works that way. Friendships are very special. Once you get the right one you gonna die but do not loose him/her. It is one of the purest and sweetest forms of love. Obviously forever doesn’t exist but with the special and right people it do. Because people may die but the bonds still remain the same. Feel blessed when you have found one because god has not given everybody the right to love and stay with that.

People who are like me very uncertain and unpredictable might feel that they don’t deserve permanent people in their life but it’s a big no. In this whole universe I have just one crazy with whom I can share every slice of my profits.

Above everything good and dreamy there are certain turning points in everybody’s life. There are few updates that everybody wants to make in their own life and in that whole process sooner or later the person changes for their betterment and that is the most imperative decision. So being their bests we need to understand and accept that change in them because the person may try to change anything or everything but they can’t alter the bonds, so just support them during all that. Maybe they need you the most.

There are several emotional breakdowns while you grow up. And we may end with some new relations or new friendships. That is all okay! We need to accept whatever comes on the way.

Just accept the person. Just don’t leave them and don’t stick to them either. The show goes on and what is yours will remain yours.

In today’s era tagging their best friends in memes and all has taken a lot of space. They won’t go straight and talk instead the person will find an accurate meme which fits to their situation and tag them. Maybe for some people it may work while for few it won’t.

That’s your friend or your people and your human version but I would just conclude by saying give them their space and don’t be over protective. Obviously they love you it’s just that you have to figure it out. Don’t feel bad if they don’t celebrate your birthdays which nowadays are much hyped up matters. Trust it doesn’t matter at all. Maybe they have planned something else and better. So try to accept the change in their behavior.

Friendships are over everything. Just learn to accept few changes.



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