Ripple(Xrp) Now Supported On Coinhako !!

Anurag Sinha
Mar 06, 2019   •  1 view

With the increasing number of users and fanbase of Ripples and XRP cryptocurrency on the web, it is evident that many companies that supports easy management, wallet storage and facilitates transaction of crypto money that are famous in the markets, would notice the growth of XRP in the market. Coinhako being one of the major such companies has now officially announced on twitter, that the XRP currency is now supported on Coinhako app that is available on IOS, Android. Now the users of the XRP currency will be able to manage and store the XRP’s safely in their wallets and use more efficiently through the Coinhako App.

LeoniDas a guy on twitter drove the attention of Coinhako on twitter by posting a tweet about the now trending XRP currency that now includes burning 902 XRP markets under it and in reply to that the company announced about the news that will be available from the next update. While announcing they said –

Thanks for sharing @LeoHadjiloizou. As promised, here is an update about @Ripple #XRP opening up to all users on our platform!

Coinhako being a big company that currently processes 7 figures worth of Bitcoin every month. Hence support from such a huge companyto the Ripples will act as a nitrous cylinder in a car, and in upcoming days it won’t be surprising for us to see the value of the XRP currency grow leaps and bounds, and maybe in coming time it will take the Blockchain Industry and the Crypto market to an entirely new level.

Coinhako after announcing also mentioned about the XRP pairings that will act as a new gateway for the South Asian Crypto Markets. Here is what they tweeted –

With this, we bring XRP pairings with SGD, IDR & VND to the market, opening up the acclaimed blockchain to a new world of possibilities in adoption and accelerating access in the Southeast Asian market

Coinhako obviously took such decisions based on the increasing fan and user base of the XRP currency, based on the speed of transaction it offers with such less transaction fee. Ripples has also grown much in the market by making partnerships with over 100 banks in 2018 which includes Santander, American Express and UBS Bank.

XRP is currently the 3rd most valuable cryptocurrency, and it grew by over 35,000% in 2017, at its peak one XRP reached a price of $3.65.Even though the price has declined (along with all cryptocurrencies in general) it is still going strong compared to last years growth. If you bought XRP in January 2017 you would still be about 46x in profit despite the price correction. Showing such humongous growth in the market, and seeing such great potential in the currency, I can only say that Coinhako made a great decision overall !!