One thing that brings joy to our ears and makes us happy is music. The never-ending melody and rhythm of beats all remain forever with us. These beautiful sounds produced from a variety of string and music instruments are the most beautiful discoveries that ever astonished history. Have you ever wondered about how these sounds originate or did you ever try to make something like that? Well if not both, at least all of us may have had the desire to learn music and play the rocking guitar or tabla. It is really a wonderful sight. There are a number of instruments that are symbols of harmony. They fall into different categories like stringed and non-stringed instruments.

String instruments are violin, guitar, sitar, etc. other instruments which are classical are tabla, mridangam; drums and xylophone fall in the western category. The piano produces melodious music and stands out from all the other. Then there is flute, mouth organ, trumpet, etc. all these are different in their own way by looks and sounds. While violin and piano produce melodies, drums and guitar are often used for rock music. Tabla and flute along with sitar are classical instruments used for classical and Carnatic music. From movies, we have seen the popular guitar scenes and all of us may have fallen in love with the guitar at least once. The six varied strings and its tunes, all are a feeling. There are also different types of guitar like bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and resonator guitar. all bring joy to our ears and become the rhythm of our life.

If you have tried playing the guitar then you will understand that it is the most difficult one to learn. Especially if you are beginner then your hands will pain and even get rough after that. But once you are well versed with it, you’ll experience a different feeling of joy and happiness and will begin to feel proud. Again if you stop playing it in the middle and restart over time then you’ll feel very tough. So only through constant practice and training will we be able to play well. And afterward, when we are experts and produce beautiful music out of it, will anyone remember the difficult times through which they have gone? Will they have the pain or keep complaining about it. No one will say that because it is the power of music. Similar is the case of the violin. But the piano is not like that, it is easier to learn but difficult to keep up with that.

When a child is born, the mother does not remember about the difficult times she has gone through and is happy. It is similar to music, it can make wonders and bring changes in our life. So love music and live in it.



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