I Robot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Review

Anshika Raturi
Apr 03, 2020   •  2 views

iRoomba 675 was launched by iRobot in 2019 . Robot vacuum never get bored or distracted, and they don't mind working everyday. In most homes, they keep the floors tidy and barely any effort -pet hairs and crumbs just disappear before you even notice a mess. After testing dozens of robot vacuum models over the past several years, we think most people should look first at simple, tried and tested iRobot Roomba 675.

If you are in market for a low cost robot vacuum, but don't want to give up the Roomba name your eyes may be drawn to Roombas newest budget cleaner, the Roomba 675. The Roomba 675 robot vacuum comes in at the heels of Roomba 690 era and brings a fresh look to simple vacuum . These robots are both affordable aswell as durable. Even if a part of it does break down after a few years, it's easy to swap in a new part at home, and iRobot has an excellent track
record for keeping spare parts available for every model the company has ever made.
Roomba 675 model is good at cleaning rugs than other affordable bots, because they are the only ones with 2-brush rolls.
Navigation system is semi - random, so the bot looks pretty silly as it bonks around under furniture and occasionally drives in circles, but it's perfectly effective for cleaning smaller spaces.
It rarely gets stuck under furniture . These bots are a little bit taller , louder & rougher than other affordable bots like Eufy Robo Vac 115,but I think most people will find the added durability is worth it.

Features of iRobot 675 Robot vacuum

•It automatically clean on a schedule if you want it to.

•It's also capable of being controlled by voice using Alexa.

•It cleans in a random pattern, it eventually cleans all of the floor if it doesn't run out of time, otherwise it will go back to recharge to dock but because it doesn't map room, so it can't identify it's position.

•There are 2 brushes underneath, 1 rubber & 1 bristle with 675 model. And it works on all floor types and very good at picking up dirt and pet hair.

•This Robot vacuum offers WiFi connectivity. Inexpensive model for those looking to get their feet wet in smart vacuum cleaner market.

But, you have to empty the dustbin on this robot yourself, usually after each cleaning cycle. It can't hold itself in one room unless you close the door or use a virtual wall which you can buy as an accessory.
If you like the idea of having a robot vacuum with WiFi capabilities ,but don't want to spend a lot of money on one, you might find that the Roomba 675 is right choice for you.

Roomba 675 Design

Almost immediately you will notice that the Roomba 675 looks and feels familiar to other robotic vacuum produced by iRobot. It offers same round shape, however instead of black on silver, Roomba chose to go with a flat black and matte black colour pattern.
On top center of 675, you'll notice the clean button. This simple button provides easy to use controls for the unit. Additionally you'll discover a lift-up handle located on top that lets you carry the Roomba from one point to another if need be. You can access the dustbin from side of unit. Device has a latch in place that opens so you can quickly dump out the collected dust.
Size and shape of Roomba 675 is again exactly what you would expect with a robot vacuum from iRobot. Roomba devices typically fall between 13 - 14 inches in diameter and 3-4 inches tall.
The 675 is no exception as it checks in at 13.4''  & sits 3.5'' tall. It also weighs a sturdy 11.8 pounds & can easily maneuver throughout your home.
Roomba 675 us a basic robot vacuum but effective as a cleaner all the same. You might have to be a bit more inventive at keeping it away from areas you don't want it to visit but you can schedule it to clean and link it to Alexa for voice control. If you are on a budget and can't spend a lot of money on a vacuum then this Roomba 675 is best for you.