Happiness is something which brings a smile to your face ,a relief to your heart and an enduring peace to your soul. It lies in all small and big things which we think can bring us joy and satisfaction.

It lies in completing a task,it is when you feel good about own self and don't need others approval .

It is not about how much you have but it is about how much you sustain in the moment of happiness that you have. For a student getting good grades is happiness, for a child maybe winning in a game or a race makes him happy, for a teenager having a crush and if that responds back that smile on her face is happiness,for an adult fulfilling his family needs and see them happy is happiness ,for a grandpaa having grandmaa by her side us happiness

Happiness has its all kinds of forms and ways.
Have you ever thought why a new born child is more happier than you ?
Why an infant smiles more than you?
This is all because we all have stopped living and thus happiness is left away ,far far away.

We all can stay happy by doing just a few things like :

  1. Stop finding happiness in luxury items.

Live a life in which you are free of luxuries and more of a satisfied life in which what you have and whatever you have you should stay happy with that. Demand less and live more and we should realise that these items will not last longer.

  1. Spend more time with family.

We all should take our time out for our family from everday's busy schedule as it helps us relieve our daily stress and spending time with them makes us happy and we can relax and have more fun and find everything around so pleasant

  1. Meditate For a happy life and body and longer life we all need to perform yoga and give time to our body to stay healthy and daily do some exercise or yoga which helps us to sustain longer and happier

  2. Believe in yourself

Instead of finding happiness outside believe in yourself and then you can find your happiness within yourself ,more than anyone you need to have a connect and belief in yourself to live and do any work which gives you happiness. And we can thus work better and thus if we are happy we can spread happiness too

3. Live in the present
We all should be happy and live in the present and not in the past regretting or in the future dreaming ,but we all should be happy in the moment we have and live to the fullest .

"Smile today, as it doesn't cost you much, happiness comes free of cost,so take it and never leave it till last breath."



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Loved it!
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Wow very nice article
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This was beautiful! Please check out my articles too!