"Section 377" A Boon Or Bane?

Mar 04, 2019   •  57 views

How do you feel when you see two girls or two boys kissing?


Section 377 is the section of "Indian Penal Code" that was introduced in 1864 by Bristishers. It makes sexual activities against the order of the nature illegal. On September 6, 2018 Supreme Court of India, decriminalised the Section 377 of the IPC and allowed gay sex among consenting adults in private.

Now the question is "Was that enough?"

It is approved by law but still our society is not ready to accept it. Whenever we see a girl couple we watch them like we are ashamed of their relationship, we abuse them and very few of us accept them.

Infact in a family, a child in our society is never comfortable to confess in front of his/her parents that he/she is a lesbian or gay or bisexual. Children still think that it is "something wrong". They believe that its not normal to love someone of the same gender and as they do so.. that's why they are not normal.

Well, Is this what we want our youth to believe?
Love knows no boundary, it can't be just defined or be limited to a particular gender.
Anyone can fall in love with anyone at anytime. But, our society dosen't accept it, they have certain logicless rules and regulations and they want us to follow them.

Yeah, Society is a bitch.

We live in a deocratic country and it is our right to do whatever we want to do. Freedom is everyone's right. Lesbians or gays are not special, so just stop giving them that much attention. They are just normal human beings as anyone else here.

Having feelings for a person, whether it be a boy or a girl it dosen't matter. You are lucky if you have that one "special person" in your life.

Be happy and proud of whoever you are (and of your loved ones too). "Lesbians" and "gays" are just words, they can never decide whether you are right or wrong. Only aim should be to become a better human being.

As a society we need to accept such relations. If a boy can fall in love with a girl then why not a girl can fall in love with a girl. Accept it guys. I know it might not be usual at first but the world is changing and its growing and we should grow with it.

Live and let live. "Love" is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Let's not spoil it by limiting it to gender. Adapt these changes and see how beautiful this world can be!

Its a boon so lets embrace it.



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