Definition of success differ from person to person

To some people success might be the amount of money and to other it might be happiness!

There are many myths behind being successful. Some believe that you have to sacrifice everything that you love to become successful in life. But that is just a myth.

Lets see what are the other myths about success:-

1)There is only one meaning of success.
Success is not confined to one definition. It differes from person to person. It is a myth that success is what other person say it is. Most people have no idea what they want.They think success is predetermined as having loads of money, fame, and fortune.

But it’s not.
If you go on to believe that success is what everyone else says it is, you’ll never reach it. Even if youdo, it will mean nothing to you because it’s not what you truly want.

If you want to be hugely successful, you need to give up other peoples versions of success. Define success on your own terms and achieve it.

2)Success comes overnight.
Success is not a nightmare, it dosen't happen accidently. It is a planned event and it takes time to happen.There is no secret to success.

There’s hard work and patience, that’s it.
If you want to be hugely successful you have toshow up day after dayto do the work matters.
While at times it may seem like you’re not being rewarded for all efforts. Success is sneaky, and one day you’ll wake up to see all the fruits for your labor.

3)When you achieve it, you will be happy.
Achieving success and being happy are two different terms. Don't confuse them.
Money, success or fame wont make you happy.
Don’t go trying to achieving success for that premise. Happiness comes from the process of doing what you love, not thedestination you arrive at.

As prolific author,Jeff has once wrote:“We don’t want success. We want growth. And those are two very different things.”

4)Sacrificing everything you love is a neccessity.
Many people have got behind this mantra that you need to sacrifice everything to successful.

“Don’t worry about sleep, eating properly, getting sufficient exercise, or spending time with your family. You’re going to being successful! You can make time for that later.”they say.

But this is really foolish thinking. As Gary Keller has said“Time waits for no one. When you gamble with your time, you may be placing a bet you can’t cover.”

If you don’t make time for your health and family now, you may never be able to.
Don’t sacrifice everything to be successful. It’s not worth it, your health and family aremore important than your success.

Define success on your own terms. Be determined and work hard to achieve it. Don't believe in myths. Just keep on keeping on!