#Metoo A Serious Movement Or Public Stunt?

Mar 17, 2019   •  6 views

This is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.
This phrase “Me Too” was popularized by an American actress Alyssa Milano, on Twitter in 2017. Milano inspired victims of sexual assault or harassment to tweet about it and let the world know how major this problem is!

Well now the question is How this movement began in India?
On 26 September, after being away from Bollywood spotlight for too long, Tanushree Dutta gave an interview on Zoom Tv in which she accused NANA PATEKAR of sexually harassing her.

Yes, the first step was taken by her and then the movement spread like a fire.
There were many serious cases, like Tanushree gave mouth to many people and many public stunts. There are many attention seekers who just wait for the right opportunity to come into lime light.

“POOJA MISHRA” Have you heard this name? The lady who was removed from middle of the show “Big Boss Season 5”.

She has another level of allegations against people. She has said that during the shoot of “SULTAN” in a hotel room she was raped by “Salman Khan and his brothers”.

According to sources, she has done this just to come in lime light and she never leaves any chance to grab attention.

How can Rakhi Sawant keep quiet when it’s a chance to come on media. She always has some masala with her to add in everything. This time it was that “Tanushree Datta has raped her”. Yeah, you read it right.

She was against “Tanushree and Pooja” and said that Tanushree is a lesbian and has raped her many times.

Another public stunt manifesting in the market.

Coming to next unbelievable news, Sanjana Sanghi has accused Sushant Singh Rajput of behaving inappropriately on the sets and that his behaviour made her uncomfortable.

Later, Sushant shared the screenshots of his chat with Sanjana to make everything clear.
After that Sanjana defended Sushant and said allegations were wrong.
Sushant posted Sanjana’s declaration on her Instagram account.

Many more actresses have shared their embarrassing and painful experiences but some have used this movement as a public stunt and it is very disrespectful of them.

This movement has came like a wind and blown away many shits as well as cleared a lot of stuffs. What are your views regarding this movement? Was it treated seriously or just used as “public stunt”. Comment your views in the comment section.