The mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb!

Many times in life we face tough situations or go through something that hit us hard. What are we supposed to do after that?

Going through something bad or even worse is a part of life. No one can run away from that. Some days are bad and some are good.

"A bad day doesn't mean a bad life".
But sometimes we go through an emotional or mental breakdown. And we just continue carrying that phase of life everywhere. Its true that most of the time people don't want to forget what happened to them or what broke them.

Are You Carrying Around the Weight of Mountains?
Too often, when painful things happen, we continue to hold onto the weight of the experience for years after the fact. We metaphorically carry around the weight of mountains.

We’re meant to overcome the bad experiences, to journey past the adversity, but if we keep carrying around the pain with us, then it can get overwhelming. Imagine if you held onto the memory of every bad thing that’s ever happened to you (maybe you do). It would be exhausting, and everything would feel so heavy all the time.

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” – these tender, loving, powerfully truthful words by Najwa Zebian shed a light on an often overlooked reality. That reality is that so many of us, instead of overcoming our challenges or climbing our mountains, bring them in their entirety along with us. That is a huge weight and an incredibly unnecessary one.

We are to face the challenges that come our way and then move on, bringing with us only the lessons learned, the positive growth we achieved and nothing else. How incredible would you feel if you did just that?! How much lighter, how much more focused, energized, and free! Start now and set those mountains you’ve been carrying down. If you’ve climbed them then they are ready to be put behind you and are no longer a necessary presence.

Let go of the guilt, of the what ifs, of the if onlys, of the weight of the past. It’s over now, maybe not forgotten, but no longer the focus. Right here, right now is and it’ll be easier going if your burden is lighter. You are right here, not on the mountains of the past. And it’s okay – You Are Okay and on your way to even better!