Sometimes you will fall, but fall forward!

Whenever you feel like you have fell, don't stay there for longer, Rise again and rise Stronger!

When you take life advice from someone or ask them to guide you. They always say that you should always have a safe option to "fall back on" in life. If you take risk or if you are doing something of your choice out of the league then you should make sure that you have some "safe options" at back.

But we should never believe in falling back on something. If you even fall in life, the better way is to fall forward and come one step closer to your goals. Never be afraid of falling, success demands failures. But when you fall just make sure that you are falling forward and not backward.

Here is what it means:
THOMAS ELVA EDISON invented the light bulb. He failed for 1000 times but he didn't fall back and then 1001 experiment was a success. Every failure brought him closer to the success.

So, if you fall, fall forward!

J K ROWLING She wrote one of the best novel that is "Harry Potter". But Before Harry Potter became a success she was a divorced mother, living on welfare, going to school and trying to write a novel in her spare time. She never gave up.

So, if you fall, fall forward!

You have got to take risks, you will lose or you will suck at something. There is no doubt about it. But you should embrace it, embrace it even more because it is inevitable.

Everytime you see youself low just acknowledge that this is the time. I don't have to look backword and if in any case I fall, I will fall forward!

A poem worth reading:-
Once you start your journey don't look backward,
Yes! Sometimes you will fall but
Fall Forward.

There are many reasons to stop,
But who cares if the AIM is to reach the TOP.
There are many limitations, Right?

You have qualities few can admire.. because most don't possess,
Loving yourself doesn't mean you are self obsessed.
Stand in front of the mirror.. Yes! You have that fire in your eyes,
Just keep on keeping on.. You are born to rise.

Remember Don't look backward
Yes! Sometimes you will fall but



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