The Unfortunate Love (Storytelling)

Anjali Singh
Mar 10, 2019   •  134 views

I never believed in love until I found someone like him

The day was like usual but the airwaves was just about to make it special and suddenly that moment was about to arrive........tik tok...tik....tok and he came

A boy with a longer nose..glittery eyes.... Tall height and a brown complexion

I was going to his right and he to my left but suddenly the Bollywood scene created for a while

My dupatta fall into his eyes, he came up and ask me to excuse me "Is that yours"

For a second I got mesmerized into my thoughts his loving voice, his eyes were all that I can feel at that time

He asked again "Hello"

I stupidly said hiii

He smiled and said your dupatta was fallen into my eyes

I asked would you like to have a coffee

He reacted and said what

The second I realized what I said I corrected myself and asked another stupid question again

I mean to say have you watched coffee with karan???

Ghosh dammnn......i mean who ask about a tv show from someone strange but unluckily I was that idiot

Then he suddenly said you are cute

And then all my embarrassment just drawn away

This was my first day experience of my unfortunate love another day incident will be shared again

For now keep getting surprised with the twisted unfortunate love💜💟💌