Late winters night's "1" by my clock

And I am awake ,

I am awake for what my destiny says..

I am afraid no one will care for my little ones...

I am a human and I can't be quiet always,

I am known to be superior of every living kind,

But I am so clumsy that I can't face myself in front of my mirror,

Responsibility Should be taken

A Birthday should be celebrated

Festivals should be enjoyed

The Aim should be there

But "Excuse Me "

Do you know who am I?

I am a human and there is a thunder which knocks my door every night,

Happiness is there:

Sadness is there:

Everything is check

But hold on it's check

But the reality is I am again clueless

Where I am standing.....I don't know why?

I am a human and there is a thunder which knock my door every night.......

My responsibility are changing

I am a new actor now

I am getting superior of my age

I am a parent now

My little ones are asking to teach them how to be a human..

What should I teach them .....that a human is always clueless and they don't know where they are standing right now,

Breakfast ready:

Lunch ready:

Party attended:

Dinner done:

What's left for today

My job is done for today

Stability should be checked

But you know what

I am still not stable

My mind is saying walk again and check what's left

I awake at "1" once again , thunder will soon knock my door saying it's time to awake,

But it's too early

I need more sleep

I need stability

It's midnight and I want to rest

I want to face my mirror

I want to say it aloud, that I am a Human

I know where I stand

No thunder will make me again awake,

You are done with your day

It's time to give your mind a place

Sleep because tomorrow you will be forever relaxed.