Santa claus Village is an amusement park in Rovaniemi Lapland, region of Finland. It was started in 1985. It is situated at the Arctic Circle.

Location - Santa claus Village is situated near about 2 kms from the Rovaniemi airport. And about 8 kms , northeast of Rovaniemi. It was in 1985 when Rovaniemi was declared to be the official home town of Santa claus.

Places to visit

Santa claus Village has a lot to offer for all the generations.

Arctic Circle 

The village cuts through the Arctic Circle. A white line denotes the beginning of the circle. It is a popular place for photography amongst tourists. Visitors officially enter the circle after crossing the line.

Santa Clauses Office 

Yes this place is for real here clause is available year round, but he has shifts of working, and if you want to meet and chat with him, you must make sure to manage time.

The Northern lights


The Northern lights can be observed from mid August until early April. Also known as Aurora Borealis. They are visible, 150 nights every year. They are best visible from the Arctic Garden and from the top of Ounasvaara fell.

Santa's House of snow mobiles

This is a museum of all the snowmobiles history and their evolution.

Where to stay

Santa claus Village has many hotels, apartments and gloss and glass houses from where you can see the northern lights. And the prices can be enquired via email. Some of them are

1) Santa claus wilderness lodge, is just 15 minutes away from Santa claus Village.


2) Arctic Tree House Hotel


It is  just 2 kms from Rovaniemi city centre towards the Santa claus Village. In this hotel you can admire the northern lights and midnight sun in the comfort of your own home.

3) Apukka Resort


It's just a 8 min drive from Santa claus Village. It has many fun activities like reindeer and husky Safaris, wooden igloo, sauna's and stay in aurora cabins and ice cabins.

4) There are many more hotels such as Glass Resort, Nova Skyland Hotel and Restaurant, Santa's Glass Igloo etc.