Talsecure's Forensic Report Operates In Favor Of Hrithik Roshan

Anie Ins
Sep 05, 2019   •  2 views

We informed you a couple of days ago that the Cyber Cell released its forensic report and that the report worked primarily for Hrithik Roshan in his now monumental legal fight with Kangana Ranaut. We now have the photos of the forensic report from Talsecure that found their way on the internet and took them by storm.

Contrary to Kangana's claims that Hrithik hacked into her account, the report claims there was no evidence that Hrithik was hacking into Kangana's email account from his mac laptop or any other device. Also, there is no Hrithik download log or use Proxies or VPN.

The study also suggests one-sided communication existed between the two with Kangana continually sending messages to Roshan, who either spammed or ignored them without responding to them.

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