Valentine’s day is just around the corner and when all the single souls who want someone special are getting panic and anxiety attacks, online dating comes to their rescue. Swipe, meet, repeat is a new way of dating, more often than not used by Millennials. With more than 39.6m users and revenue of $19.6m, the Indian online dating market has seen exponential growth. The online dating market has many players, including Happn, Aisle, Okcupid, Truly Madly but the king of dating apps is Tinder which on the Android platform is the third most grossing application.

But what one looks for on these online dating platforms Socializing? Random Dates? Serious or Casual Relationships? Or Validation? Believe it or not most of these users are looking for validation because who are we kidding, those who already have an active and fun social life don’t need online dating and it’s a no brainer that not many of us have the luxury of having one and like all successful business industry, Online dating caters to the demand of its consumer and that is social approval. Moreover, when you get likes or you’re matched with someone it does give a boost to your confidence and up to a certain extent your ego and this makes dating apps a huge hit.

Also, it is very preference based, every dating app offer profile information along with pictures of the users, so one can find matches according to their preference. So for all the various reasons be it random socializing or getting involved in a relationship or even validation these apps promises you a partner or at least a match. Then the fact that more than 70% of the same sex relationship start online might be the most unheard advantage these platforms provides to a conservative society like ours.

For all of its advantages, online dating is something of a double-edged sword. Many times people who indulge in online dating tends to sit with their mobile phone throughout the day and waste time. Also, there is a possibility of matching up with some creep. Then one can argue that this is a platform for only those who already have an active social life and can capture the attention with a relevant presentation. It kills good old romance and that’s why old school and traditionalist stay away from these platforms. Moreover, it serves as a platform for a lot of con artists who can completely destroy the dating experience.

Overall, the users should remember that these platforms are resources to meet someone for eventual face to face meeting. So the users should keep this in mind which will prevent them from being stuck on the drawbacks of online dating.