Introduction To Swrl(Semantic Web Rule Language)

Ananya Jha
May 16, 2019   •  1 view

What is predicate in swrl ?
Predicates are fundamental parts or atoms in SWRL language.There are two types of predicates - 1. Binary Predicates(OWL Relations)

2. Unary Predicates(Concepts)
What is road network and traffic congestion ?
Road Network : It is a system of interconnected road that is used to accomodate both wheeled and pedestrian traffic.

Traffic : Vehicles moving in a road.
What is neural network ?
Neural Network : A neural network is a network or circuit of neurons inspired from human brain that is used to process the input.

What is Protege ?
Free open source ontology editor and knowledge management Systems.Protege software is written in java

Difference between UML and WL
It does not creates or demonstrates new concept(SWRL). It only adds relations according to variable values.

Difference between OWL and UML
UML is a language for modeling. UML was developed to support the construction of a system(software).

UML follows unique name assumptions. It is viewed as implicitly complete
OWL is a language used for knowledge representation.We use reasoner and SWRL for knowledge
What is the future plan ?
Designing an ontology consists of three phases :
1. We will build an ontology using owl
2. Then we will use the reasoner to come up with the implied knowledge
3. Then comes the query layer
Immediate Course of action Develop an ontology1
1. enumerate important items
2. Define concept Taxonomies
3. Define relations
4. Define attributes
5. Define instances
6. Define axioms rules and functions
Memory is restricted in SQL,

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SQL works on RDMS whereas SparQL is used for RDFS. SparQL
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