We all want an ethical life, a happy life,a life of flourishment and deep satisfaction. A ethical life always is connected to others life because they care. An ethical life can also be called as an happy life. You'll always lead a happy life when you will have a happy soul.A happy life is always responsible for something larger than yourself. It acts upon the spirit of generosity.

When you are not in harmony with others, when you separate yourself from the world around you. When you use others for your own purpose. When you treat others unjustly. When you think that you are more or less than others. Then you become a soul sick and your soul no more remains happy.

You become a happy soul when you celebrate yourself, your life, your relationships, your good times and your bad times.

You become a happy soul when:

1.you stop trying to change others but instead focus on changing yourself.
2. When you accept people for who they are.
3. When you don't judge others
4. When you'll learn to let it go.
5.When you'll understand that everyone has their own perspective of thinking.
6. You are a happy soul when you don't do things expecting something in return but you do things for the sake of giving.

7. When you'll understand that whatever we do, we do it for our own purpose.
8. You will be a happy soul when you will stop proving the world how important or how talented you are.

9. When you will not seek approval from others, you will know what you are doing and will have full faith on yourself.

10. A happy soul is one who never compares themselves with others and respects each and every individual.

Finding happiness was never easy. To some people happiness is only fun, amusement and enjoyment. But real happiness is finding peace, being free,happiness is finding yourself. Life is always good when you stay happy and when you stay happy you make the people around you happy.



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Simple but very crucial.
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