Introduction about Cardio Exercise



The mantra of staying fit and fine is a good workout and healthy food. Cardio for women is a powerful way to shed those extra pounds. In cardio exercise, we do some workout to increase our heart rate. At that state the elevated heart rate our body burns a lot of calories.

Cardio gives you lots of options for doing the workout. If you are a beginner, then it’s always advised to do LISS(Low-Intensity Steady State). They design LISS to keep your heartbeat at a steady rate but for a long time. A steady-state of your heart is considered being 60 to 70 percent of your max heart rate. It’s just enjoying being in an autopilot mode and doing the same thing in a repetitive mode. Examples of LISS are brisk walking, hiking, steady cycling, swimming, elliptical trainer.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is a kind of intense workout followed by people who have a good fitness level, high stamina and good endurance power. During the HIIT sessions, you do high-intensity workout for a frame of time till you can endure. Then it's followed by a rest in between the intense workout. HIIT consume the maximum number of calories than any other workout. You can do the HIIT for 10 to 30 minutes.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

It is recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services to do 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week or you can do 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a day as well. You can also combine both light and vigorous aerobic activity. It is advised to continue your workout every day to maintain and improve endurance and strength level. There are many positive impacts of doing an exercise like

Fights depression

In an experiment conducted they put some people suffering from depression on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. They continued this process for 10 days. They observed that they could successfully manage their depression to some extent. It was also observed that a single day of exercise can also improve your mood to many folds.

Improves Immunity and sleep pattern

The study conducted suggest that immunoglobulins in our blood improve our immunity power. Regular exercise for 30 minutes a day can help to add to the immunoglobulins level of our blood. When you compare two women living an active life and sedentary life, the immunity level of the active women is much better than the women living a sedentary life.

A similar study conducted also proved that the sleep pattern of the participants also improved because of regular exercise.

Promotes Weight Loss

When we do a workout, we burn a considerable amount of calories based on your body structure. A calorie is considered being the measure of the stored energy and the energy we used to do our daily routine. So if we add daily exercise to our routine we burn the stored energy inside our body. This stored energy is in the form of fats. Thus we burn fats.

Healthy cardiovascular system

Our heart is to pump blood to every part of our body. Cardio helps the heart to perform well.

Cardio helps to maintain our blood pressure level. It also aids in improving the good cholesterol (High-density lipoprotein) and lowering the bad cholesterol level that is the (Low-density Lipoprotein). This process keeps the arteries clear and aides in a better supply of blood to our whole body.

Common Cardio exercise for women

Walking, brisk walking, spot jogs and running



A beginner or a start this cardio with a slow walk. You can practice slow walking for 30 mins for a period. After your body adapts this process, you can do a mix of brisk walking and slow walking. Then you can gradually start running. A mix of brisk walking and running for about 30 minutes can do wonders on your body.

Walking and burning calories also depend on the terrain if you are walking uphill then you can burn more calories than walking on a flat surface.

If you are busy and not able to go outside for a walk, then you can stay at home and do a spot walking.




It’s another way of low impact cardio.Again there are various ways and option to do it.

nowadays many people are preferring to ride by cycle to their offices. By this way you reach your office, keep yourself fit and fine, save the expensive travel costs, save the environment from pollution and save fuel. This practice has become popular in Japan. In India government is also encouraging people to use a cycle for short distance travel.




Virgin Active Master trainer, Dorota Maslewska says that skipping is a total body cardio workout.

  • It targets the abdominal region to stabilize the body.

  • Turning your hands and shoulders also helps to keep its shape.

  • Overall, it improves your coordination strength and focus

  • The regular jumping in each interval strengthens your legs and tones your legs.

Stair Climbing



For those women who need to target to lose inches from their lower body, it means this cardio for them. We consider it to be a vigorous exercise.

  • It tones your hips, thighs and lower abdomen.

  • It increases your stamina.

  • Climbing stairs for 7 minutes a day can lower the chances of heart attack by 33 %

  • Reduces your weight gain rate and builds muscle.

Squats and Lunges

All the fitness expert recommends adding squats and lunges to your daily routine.It strengthens and tones your whole leg muscle part like

  • Quadriceps

  • Hamstrings

  • Calves

There are squats and lunges of all variations that you can try like Sumo squats, Squat with side leg raise, ski squats, pop Squats, squat hold, forward lunges, backward lunges, side lunges.

  • Squats and lunges help to build muscles

  • Improve the flexibility of your legs

  • burns calories

  • keeps up your mobility and balance

  • strengthens your vital body organs like the heart and lungs

  • Improves the capacity of your joints.

Surya Namaskar

It’s the workout that helps to tone and strengthen every muscle and joints. It can be done in a first pace at a slow pace and in medium pace. When done in a first pace it’s the best cardio for a woman. Study claims Surya Namaskar is the only exercise that consumes more calories than any other workout.

The various 12 asanas of Surya namaskar which involves stretching, twisting, compression,

turning aids in the improved function of our organs in the abdomen like liver, pancreas, stomach and intestine. Thus it improves our digestion process and bowel movement keeping constipation at bay.

The asanas improve the blood circulation and oxygen supply to every part of our body. Thus it gives our skin youthful glow. When the blood and oxygen supply to our skull improves, our hair gets nutrients.These aides in the healthy condition of our hair.

When we do Surya Namaskar asanas at a fast pace, it becomes a good cardio exercise. This cardio process consumes a lot of calories. According to the study, one complete round of Surya Namaskar consumes 13 calories approximately. Thus doing 10 rounds of Surya Namaskar consumes 130 calories!! So you can lose weight faster in doing Surya Namaskar as compared to any other workout.

Keeps your body flexible and improves the muscles tone

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is an HIIT workout. It targets the whole body. Its is more effective than skipping as it involves a lot of hand movement and it relaxes the shoulder. They generally practice it as a warmup before going for the main workout.

It improves bone health. A little bending of the bones during the workout can do wonders for your bone. It also improves your cardiovascular system.

Planks and Crunches

It’s the most exercise that needs to be added to your daily routine to improve your core strength.

It mainly targets the below muscles

  • transverse abdominal

  • rectus abdominis,

  • external oblique muscle

  • glutes

If you are dreaming of a flat stomach, then you should try this daily.

A sample 30 mins cardio for beginners


If you want to get is shape quickly, then cardio is probably the best option for you. Either you can design a workout routine for yourself or you can take help from the fitness expert to do this. According to your level of stamina and body strength, you can design a cardio routine.So either you can follow a HIIT (High intensity interval training) or LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) or a combination of both.

You need to fix a time as per your convenience.But the morning hours are considered to be the best for the workouts.

Cardio are not recommended after a heavy meal. Neither you should do cardio empty stomach. You can plan your pre and post cardio meal.