Tell me honestly, today while brushing your teeth standing in front of the mirror, didn't you notice that small pimple right there on your face that sought all your attention, care and oh my god your worries to get rid of it and meanwhile closing the water tap you rush towards your room to check if you got your meeting dress ironed!!!!

But hang on! Before you leave to start your massive day ahead did you thank him, who is in the mirror, looking back at you? The one who is with you since your childhood to make it so easy for you to thrive in the world of too much.

Yes, I'm talking about the problem solver or the ENGINEER inside you.

No matter who you are a youngster, a homemaker, a working individual or any other living being on this planet earth. If you are trying hard and have made your way to survive in this cruel and beautiful world you are your own engineer. Often we hear that there are so many examinations, assignments, laboratory sessions, unending hours of lectures demanding full attendance and the tough subjects with so many formulas and complex equations are just icing on the cake. They look for perfection in the graduate after these four years of Engineering.No doubts an engineer is considered as a problem solver.

But what about the examinations that life take? where no such prescribed syllabus is provided, no schedule, absolutely unknown difficulty level with so many professors always prepared to judge you and most importantly the examiners who always want you to fail i.e. the SOCIETY. By now I think I have made my connection to the engineer inside you.

So let me jot down 5 reasons why you should feel proud of the kinda engineer you are:-
1. Your HEALTH and your care towards it.

Of course, your health is your wealth and so you take its proper care. Even if you cheat on that may be because of unavoidable reasons, you do take the trackback and start to make your physical, mental and emotional health balanced and up to the mark. From waking up in the morning to taking your meals on time, exercising and going back to your bed on time. You do it all to remain healthy. Don't you?

2.Your FAMILY and your love for it.

Having somewhere to go is home, Having someone to love is family, Having both is blessing.

It is the most important part of your life. You know that your family is your vital support and our parents are blessings to us. You always make sure that your family is happy. Isn't it so?

3.Your RELATIONSHIPS and your valuable contribution towards them.

Be it with your parents, your friends, your partner, your boss, your neighbors or even to the belongings you own, healthy relationships always define the soul of an individual. So you are always into making your relationships perfect. Aren't you?

4.Your CAREER and your consistent efforts towards it.

No matter in which walk of life you are in, you always want it to be the best as you know that" if you want a better tomorrow, you need to give your best today". Every now and then you are chasing your dream career. Am I right?

5.Your PRESENT LIFE and your beautiful art to make it more worth living.

If it was possible I would have placed a mirror right here to elaborate those two words "PRESENT LIFE". But I think writing only the word "YOU" makes it up. What's your take on that?

My intention to leave the above-mentioned reasons in an interrogative manner is to give you 3 tips to become a more efficient engineer, if your answer to those questions were in negative or if you think that you need a few tips to become a more efficient problem solver.


Now, this is something that you can practice before going to sleep. It is kinda self-talk. What you need to do is to sit comfortably close your eyes (optional)

and think about your whole day spent. Realize what you did in the entire day, how you reacted, what were the things you shouldn't have done and what mistakes you did today and never ever entertain them in the future. This will help you understand that tomorrow you have to say sorry to whom you hurt today or to express gratitude to the people who did good to you today. Trust me this is gonna make a big difference in your life and will help you become a better person every day.

Tip no. 2- SELF LOVE.

Self-love is divine. Unless you love yourself, you won't feel comfortable to love anyone else, because your love for yourself gets reflected in whatever you do.

Tip no.3 - SELF RESPECT.

This is something that needs no introduction. You need to respect yourself. But many a time this term is misused also. See, there is a fine line between self-love, ego, and attitude or maybe I am talking about a negative attitude. Always keep your self respect your priority because that builds your self-confidence and ultimately helps you live a better life.

Alright! Go ahead. Shake the engineer inside you. Sort out and fix the problems and next time feel proud to introduce yourself as a successful engineer.