While you are sleeping and pressing the snooze button in your mobile phone, in the same time world-class legends start their day. Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey, Tim Cook, Dwayne Johnson, Shahrukh Khan and many more, are early risers.

When we brush our teeth, these Legends get ready to show their talent to the world. They all are engines who service themselves by rising earlier than others. Due to this reason, they are known as leaders whereas the other are known as their followers. Everyone in this world can become a successful leader by following some routines.

So, here are some important morning routines which you can follow for a healthy and successful life.

1. Apply triple 20 formula after waking up. Your brain is fresh and active in the first hour after you wake up. This first hour of your day is very important, this decides your whole day.

In the first 20 minutes exercise heavily, then for next 20 minutes meditate and in the last 20 minutes read a book and gain knowledge.

2. Don't get addicted to your your mobile phone. It distracts you from your goal by destroying your creativity and keeping you busy for the whole day.

3. Improve your mindset and health as they are the most important part of your road to success.

Make getting up at 5 AM your habit. In the starting it might appear a tough task but after repeating it daily and making it your habit, you will be able to follow this morning routine easily. By following this morning routine you will be One Step Closer to your Goal.

"Join the 5 AM club. The most valuable hours are 5 AM to 8 AM, they have the least interruptions."
- Robin Sharma

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nice article
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Good one! Do check out my articles.
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This was really great. I have read robin sharma's 'who will cry when you die' and it is also an amazing book. Must read for everyone.
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Good 1 दिन बाद शुरू