Direct Selling: The Future Of India

May 27, 2019   •  129 views

If we want to buy anything we go to the nearby shop and ask the shopkeeper for the things we need, the shopkeeper gives us the goods, we pay him and return to our home. But, have you ever thought from where the shopkeeper gets the goods.

Basically, there is a chain- the company manufactures the product, big stockists buy that product from the company and sell that product to the wholesalers, then the wholesalers sell the product to the retailers and the finally the retailers sell the product to the customer.

Everyone in this long chain wants to make profit, and they do make profit. But, the question is how and from where do they make profit. The answer is 'from us- their customers.' Yes, they make their profit by making a hole in our pocket. They don't care how we will buy the essentials, but the one thing they care about is their Profit.

They give big advertisement in television, newspaper which needs a big amount of money, where does that money comes from......The customers.

By this we can understand that they don't care for us. So, now comes the biggest question- how can we get out of this vicious circle?

And the answers is by getting into Direct selling.
This is one of the emerging industry and the future of marketing.
In a direct selling company there is a direct relation between the company and the customers.
The customers here are known as direct sellers or distributors.
Here, the customers are the retailers, wholesalers and the brand ambassadors of the company.
So, who will get the profit ?
Yes, we the customers.
We are the one who will be appreciated by the company and also get rewarded.

Some direct selling companies are Amway, Avon, Herbal life and many more.

So, what do you think which one is better- the traditional marketing system where we are robbed by the companies or the new marketing concept i.e. Direct selling where we will not be robbed and will get benefited. Do tell me in the comment section below.



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Well said
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I've done direct selling and can say the title is really apt! Nicely written.
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Very informative.
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Very interesting
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Good going
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अति सुंदर!
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Nice article
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बहुत अच्छे