Better Health Through A Better Environment

May 20, 2019   •  52 views

Our health is largely influenced by the choices that we make for ourselves and our families. Our ability to make good and healthy choices depends on our environment.

Research shows that communities with smoke-free air laws, access to healthy foods, quality affordable housing, good schools and safe places to play are healthier as compared to others.

Many factors that influence health are outside the traditional health care setting like social factors such as education, child care, income, housing and neighborhood .

By this we can conclude that our environment plays a vital role in our health. If our environment will be clean and pollution free we then we can live a good and healthy life. Also,this will be help full for the coming generations.

Today, the level of pollution is increasing very rapidly and if this will continue for a long time then it will give us serious health problems.

Air pollution can cause harmful diseases such as asthma and other breathing problems. Similarly, water pollution and land pollution can also cause serious diseases.

So it is very important for us to keep ourselves healthy and fit even in this busy life.

1. We should exercise daily.

2. We should eat a balanced diet.

3. We should use herbal supplements as much as possible.

4. We should take adequate amount of sleep.

5. Final but not the least, we should not pollute our environment.



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Very good
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This was really good,informative.
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Nice Article