Sex. Yes, that taboo word makes most go “oh my gosh chiii!” You know, for a country that gave the Kamasutra, our views on this topic are so (dare I say) vanilla. With a population like ours it’s not the lack of people doing it but the excess amount of people doing it. The problem lies in lack of proper education and this stigma that we will have many kids but we won’t discuss where those kids came from.

Now, I definitely have to recent generations credit for really being more aware about sex. Sex isn’t as much of an icky topic as it was before. But that still doesn’t mean that we are open about it.

Though we all think we are experts in the topic, the case is usually the opposite. Sex education comes from porn unfortunately, which let’s just say isn’t the best teacher. Sex isn’t as they show in the videos. Those orgasms ain’t real man and I don’t think guys really last that long… uh, I’m not gonna speak on the behalf of anyone.

Sex is a pleasurable act for both parties and knowing how to consensually satisfy both yourself and the other person will really take your experience to another level. Sex is not just the vaginal intercourse; it consists of everything that turns you on. Your sexual interests are a part of you, something that you have every right to explore consensually. Don’t be afraid to explore your body, find out all those sweet spots and the no no spots! This will help you realise what your fantasies, sensations and desires are.

In fact it may even help you realise that sex isn’t something you’re interested in. Being asexual is completely understandable and nobody can force you to feel or think otherwise. Saying no is your birthright dude never forget.

There’s so much that consists of “sexual activity”. This includes vaginal intercourse, anal sex, oral sex, touching of the body, being naked in front of someone else, sending nudes etc. These acts should only be done when YOU feel like it. Don’t do it because of peer pressure or the fear of losing someone you care about it.

Now due to word limit, I won’t be able to go into the details of it all. But I will say that I’d like to continue writing about this topic, so if you want to read more please do tell me!



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