1) A True Leader Will Always Lead By Example;
Some people believe that leadership is busy work and resist the change. Without a consistent example by leaders, followers, peoples, members will likely revert to their former ad-hoc methods. How can we overcome this tendency?. Leaders must set expectations, lead by example, and demonstrate the value of leadership.

2) A True Leader Must Focus On The Major Projects That Matters To Her People;
Some leaders start their projects with gusto. Their projects list is longer than war and peace. However, no one knows which projects matter. When leaders fail to evaluate and prioritize the main projects that matter to their people, members, followers, they become overwhelmed and lose hope in you. Be sure to prioritize the main projects.

3) A True Leader Must Be Able To Right-Size The Projects That Matters To Her People, Members;

Some leaders get a project plan template from their project management office, and they never adopt the plan for their project. Consequently, the plan may have too much content for smaller projects or too little for larger projects. Work with your teams to develop plans to fit the projects.

4) A True Leader Must Project Management Habits;
Some leaders identify and evaluate the projects that matter to their people, followers, and members, but they fail to continue the process. Projects are not static; things do change. A leader must be able to develop a habit for reassessing the projects and modifying response plans in order to manage projects effectively.

5) A True Leader Must Be Able To Identify The Major Projects That Matters To Her People, And Members Early;

A true leader does not wait until things are out of control before taking the necessary steps. Identify and evaluate the main projects early.

6) A True Leader Must Be Transparent;
There are times when it's appropriate to withhold information. When possible, however, make your risks known. Share the problems with your team and the stakeholders. Ask for help.

7) A True Leader Must Be Able To Capture Projects In A Consistent Format;
Have you ever looked at a project/projects and found yourself frustrated?. That's usually because the project/projects are inconsistent. In short, a true leader must be consistent.

8) A True Leader Must Be Able To Evaluate The Projects Responses Are Effective;
Until we take action to manage projects, nothing else matters. Once we respond, we must evaluate the effectiveness of our actions. Are we getting the results expected?. Evaluate responses and tweak the response plans needed.

9) A True Leader Must Be Able To Identify And Engage Project Owners;
You can never do it alone. Identify and recruit project owners who have the ability to develop and execute effective project response plans.

10) A True Leader Must Focus On The Objectives;
Members can drift in their conversations concerning projects. Ask members and other stakeholders to keep their focus on the project objectives.

11) A true leader must be able to serve her people, followers, and members. You must be patient and be able to tolerate others. You must be to deal with people with one mind and never discriminate. Listen to your people and never underestimate anyone.

12) The Last And The Most Important Aspect. A True Leader Must Be Self Aware;
Know who you are, warts and all. As a leader, this is a critical characteristic for your success. Tyrion Lannister advice Jon Snow, "Never forget who you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness." Good leaders have an accurate understanding of their own selves, their motivations, values, weakness, strengths, vulnerabilities, and needs. Great leaders use this understanding to make changes in themselves.