What Kind Of Focussing Glares Do Ya Wear?

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“hey. I gleaned that you write on feminism! Can I ask you a


“sure, shoot!”

“there is a man standing in front of you. This man is supremely rich.

He is the fat cat of this city, knows as the glitterati. BUT, he is a

rapist. Would you marry him if you had the chance to?”

“yes, I would”

“why? Because he is worth a bundle?”


“that is, it. You plumped for money and women choose money, use

men and then you feminists have a problem and rant about it later?”

“feminism has an issue about the fact that, my opting for money is a

weightier problem than him being a rapist. Even if I associate myself

in this marriage, why do I have to be the powerless creature? did we

sign some contract of being the malleable, inferior, foolish and

submissive character all our lives?”

The woman’s movement was on no occasion about delight and

jollity. That does not connote that it is about sorrow and melancholy.

It has always been and will always be is about vexation, resentment

and revolution. It was never about ranting and mithering. It was

never about we enunciating about being victimised. Women never

coveted a man to save a girl’s skin who is being raped by 5 men in a

deserted place. Either promulgate some wisdom in such men or

enfranchise and make known to them that they are not fabricated to

be subtle. The rostrum ennobled for women was never for women to

whimper out of weakness, but to show how cogent and firm they can

be moreover unyoke other women so that they never have to cry.

The question for this composition is that, WHAT ARE WE ACTUALLY


Are we focusing on an idea that women need consolation? Are we

spotlighting that women need to be spoon fed valour and

fearlessness? Are we focusing on the gospel that women are

unfailingly on the dependant side of the picture?


I am positive that you have conjured up the picture of a woman who

undertakes all the household labour, takes care and discharges her

duties towards her children and goes for her job. How much

commiseration and pity did collect for this woman? Moreover, a

supermom and a superwoman are beings who adore their kids,

husbands, in laws etc. unconditionally. They are mellow, forgiving,

adaptable, amiable and what not. They are the crowds who are

intended to be strong but sadly it is impossible to honour strength if

they do not understand what it is to truly be strong?


The abstraction is clear! They earn and are affluent. They are the

white hat to their kids. They are ambitious. Though they have their

jobs, they still come home and pay attention to their children and

love and handle the family. It is the women in the family sacrificing

for this heroic title, but who cares. LOOK AT THAT SUPERHERO!

Is that similar to the portrait you fashioned in your mind?

While talking about women, we focussed on how dazzling she was to

give up her everything and work for the biased foundation created

by herself and people around her. The fact that she chooses

everyone over herself makes her a hero. The fact that she is

adaptable and that she always gives up her hunger and thirst for the

sake of the situation makes her a hero.

When we talked about superdad, how come we talked about the

qualities such as being ambitious and becoming superior with the

sacrifices every lady makes? Why not the same for women? How

come we do not consider successful women on these terms? Not

valuing, abusing and bringing upon violence after all this is in total

isolation. But duhhh! that is how supermoms are, they got to clutch

these chores in their life and only then they will be a strong muscled


This is what we are focusing on and this HAS TO CHANGE! Don’t pity

us. We don’t want that anymore. Start associating militancy,

potency, power, zeal and substance with women. Feature the

stronger part in you and let the defensive side of yours rest.

Women are not designed to keep her body and soul together while

she is mistreatment. She cannot be watched to love unconditionally

when she is hampered with conditions every day. She cannot respect

you unquestionably when every night, she is questioned about her

existence. Women are not to be bartered out on such disastrous

ideas which are currently being focused on.

There is no such thing as strong woman. Let me correct it to just, WOMAN.

We are just WOMEN, and this speaks in volumes for itself. The word

woman is synonymous to every idea of competence and vigour. It’s time

we drizzle some perception on the specs we wear and clean mulishness

stuck on it so that, we can focus on the right things to empower women.

I am a woman who is able to say……

I am strong because I build,

I am not strong because I can cater guilt.

Yes, as a woman I can love and care,

But don’t let it be just a women’s quality,


If I don’t become a bride, I will surely be eyed

I should be able to say……

Whether I am married or not a bride,

I cannot be pushed always to the backside,

Because I deserve to always be on the broadside.

After all, Irony is just another form of tyranny,

Want to know more?

Ask every women in agony. ----------------ACHINTYA K.