Reliance Jio Announces Fiber Services And Much More: All About It

Abhishek Malhotra
Aug 12, 2019   •  59 views

Reliance Jio has been the telecom operator that gave us Internet at the lowest cost ever. We love Jio for the pricing at which it offers its services. Today, Reliance Enterprises held its 42nd Annual General Meeting (AGM), and Mukesh Ambani had a bunch of exciting announcements. This article is basically providing you everything about those announcements. Take a look at them:

Jio Becomes No.1 Operator in India, and No.2 Globally:

Mukesh Ambani today announced that RIL has become the No.1 telecom operator in India with 340 million subscribers, and the second largest in the whole world. This is a huge achievement for Jio as it is also the second largest single-country operator. He then added that Jio gains 10 million subscribers every month. As the operator will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on September 5, it will be releasing the JioGigaFiber broadband service on the same day about which I will talk now.

JioGigaFiber becomes commercially available on September 5:

Jio Fiber services will be available for commercial use starting from September 5. It will offer free life-time calls from the landline. The plan also features unlimited international calling to US and Canada at a price of Rs.500 per month. Coming to the GigaFiber service, the Plans will start from Rs.700 per month and will go up to Rs.10,000 per month. The speed for the base plan will be 100mbps, and it will go up to 1gbps. Ambani also said “US has average internet speeds of 90Mbps, our base plan offers a higher speed” and later added “In India even the most basic Jio Giga Fiber will start at 100 mbps at the lowest end. We have plans to go all the way to 1 gbps. We are pricing our plan at one-tenth of global rate to make it accessible for every home”. Another exciting news Ambani shared was that the Premium JioGigaFiber customers will be able to watch ‘First Day First Shows’ of the newly released movies. Which means you can watch the latest movie at your home the same day it is released. This service will begin from Mid-2020.

Reliance JioPostpaid Plus Details:

Jio also announced JioPostpaid Plus to attract more customers to its postpaid plans. It has Family data sharing which means the primary user can add members to the plan and share its data with them. You will also get Voice calls & data services, and international roaming at very affordable prices. More details regarding the JioPostpaid Plus will be revealed on September 5.

Reliance JioFiber Welcome Offer Details:

This announcement took the show. It was the biggest and the most exciting one. With the JioFiber Welcome offer, if you subscribe to the Jio Forever Annual Plan, you will get a free HD or 4K Television Set along with the 4K Set Top Box. Yes, you are reading it right. There’s still no information about the price of the plan and the brand of the Television, but it will be interesting if Jio also releases its own TV.

Reliance Jio Gaming Details:

The only thing left for Jio was to enter in the gaming department and it didn’t waste the opportunity. Mukesh Ambani also announced that they have partnered with top game developers Microsoft, Gameloft and Tencent which will provide 4k games and these games will also be compatible with almost all of the gaming controllers. There will also be a soft controller that can be used on the user’s smartphone. The company also showcased a demo in which they showed FIFA 2019 running on the 4k set top box with the help of JioGigaFiber without any lags.


So that was it for the roundup of the announcements at Reliance’s 42nd AGM. I think that Reliance is the new king when it comes to Telecom operators considering the price at which it offers its services. Looking forward to September 5.