Game Space Is A New Game Launcher By Oneplus.

Abhishek Malhotra
Jul 25, 2019   •  32 views

OnePlus has been recently doing a lot of software tweaks in OxygenOS as they are gearing up for the launch of Android Q. OnePlus when launched the 7 Pro, they also introduced the new tweaked gaming mode and another mode called the Fnatic Mode. And as we can see with companies how they are introducing their own Gaming Modes tweaks, OnePlus is the latest one to join the party.

As with the Q Beta going on, OnePlus recently launched a new app called Game Space which shows you all the games installed on your device in with a bigger and better swipe-style view. You can swipe through the games and launch the one you want to.

It also shows you the duration for which you played the game. You can also switch between the grid view and the swipe-style view. It also presents you the gaming mode settings which are already present on the device, but in this case, you can alter those settings through the app.

Also, the app isn’t good at detecting games on its own. At first, it only recognized Asphalt 9 and PUBG Mobile in my case, but you can add the games to the launcher. And I hope OnePlus will improve this with more updates in the future. And I also expect them to add more features like to add the ability to live stream a game on social media, or share your scores online,etc.

Basically, the app is just a launcher for the games installed on your device. The good part is that it can run on older OnePlus phones too which are running on Android Pie and not on the Q beta. So if you want all your games to be in one place (and a cool looking launcher), you can go ahead and try the Game Space.