What did just happened? Danny gone mad or what? How could she do like that?

If you haven't watched the game of thrones latest episode, please watch because it contain many spoilers.

She is definitely gone mad. How can anyone be so cruel that whatever may happen to folk they do not care? She just burnt them alive, the innocent people, the children everyone. She didn't thought twice that what image will we get after doing this. But come to think of it, I feel that Danny was emotionally hurt because of the death of her second dragon Rhaegal. She is angry on Cersei because of her foolishness, her dragon and her advisor Missandei died. Maybe she is angry and because that she's taking revenge by burning the Red keep. Which is precious to Cersei.

Come to think of Jon, I think he is flabbergasted after seeing this picture. He thinks Danny as his Queen and she didn't care about that. Jon is traumatized after seeing the city burnt to ashes.

On the other hand, Tyrion is feared. They ranged the bell, still Danny did what she thought she would do. Varys was right about it from the start. He was a great guy who was aware of the consequences of the war. But it was considered betrayal to the throne, to Danny and he was executed. Before his death he wrote a letter to someone. So it will be a msytery till the next episode.

Arya is frightened after seeing the city on fire. She would have never thought of the destruction the dragon will cause and the suffering of the people.

And to the main character. Cersei definitely died in this episode alongside his brother Jaime. Her smile before beheading Missandei is vanished completely and she is frightened after seeing Danny destroying the city.

The hound is searching for his brother, the mountain, to take revenge from him. They battled and it was a furious battle. The hound poked the dagger in his head, still he was alive and was trying to kill him. Finally unable to kill the mountain, he gave the final try and he killed himself with the mountain by jumping off from the tower into fire. Euron Greyjoy is killed by Jamie Lannister, but Euron sure did hurt Jaime badly with the dagger.

So this is the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Hope you find it interesting.

Valar Morghulis..



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It's a fabulous article Sam. Great work.
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Dany was crazy from the beginning. "bend the knee or die". i took inspiration from episode 3 and wrote something https://wrytin.com/samridhi2/not-today-jvpaezr9