Trip To Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Aarti Nandrekar
Jun 12, 2019   •  12 views

The spiritual feeling you get in midst of those trees is to be only experienced and not really expressed.

Being a “mumbaikar” that’s what you call to one who is residing here; I have been to SGNP several times. And it’s definitely fun because it’s really few of the beautiful places I know. It gives you a real thrill and excitement as well as the idea of the forest, its animals and the people who fearlessly live there from several generations makes you want to go there to search and research for the courage they have. And not only that but the scenic beauty and nature makes you realise that how much humanity today is missing in midst of this concrete jungle. The spiritual feeling you get in midst of those trees is to be only experienced and not really expressed. So here I am going to discuss the activities you can do in SGNP and why you must visit there.

Here are the activities

1. Trek –

This is the most thrilling someplace for the trek as it has a lot of natural trails to discover. And if you are a nature lover then you must visit this place for the trek. Now there are if you see Solo treks and group treks. Group treks would be safer as the forest is full of wild animals. One of the most popular treks is which goes from kanheri caves.

2. Flora and fauna –

As we discussed earlier, there is a huge amount of plants and animals to be seen. And if you are interested in botany and zoology or your rather in that field then you must try it out. There is an NGO Bombay Nature History Society regularly takes walks into the forest. There are almost 30 different species of butterflies that can be found there.

3. Boating –

After making it to the entry of Sanjay Gandhi National park, in the way after a little walk you will see a lake and some boats moored aside. So there is also boating available and it is a major attraction for kids and family members as well. The prices of boating are very reasonable and not so high.

4. Kanheri caves -

It's the greatest attraction in SGNP of people visiting here. Kanheri caves are nothing but beautifully Buddhist caves. They provide a very rich history of Buddhism. It’s a great place for people who want to learn about different cultures.

5. Safaris-

The most attractive part of this place and they are none other than safaris. I think every one of us has some attraction of seeing a live lion and tiger at least once in a lifetime.

And there are even many more activities which can be done if you ask me I also had interactions with the people who actually stay inside the park. For me going there is always like learning some new angle to life and I am very sure you will also enjoy and experience those angles of life.



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Music Learning  •  3y  •  Reply
Been there in July 2016. It was amazing experience
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Ohhh...r u from Mumbai? From Kashish
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Yes yes!!😄