Neuro-Psychiatric Disorder--Paresis

Aarti Nandrekar
Jun 27, 2019   •  45 views

Recently we see and hear of many different illnesses. Though we are made aware but only about certain illnesses. This half-knowledge somewhere makes us less competent to understand and be aware of the issues people face. One such disorder is paresis. It comes under Neuropsychiatric disorder.

But what exactly are Neuropsychiatric disorders? It is a blanket medical term that encompasses a broad range of medical conditions which involves both neurology and psychiatry. Some of the common disorders include seizures, dementia, schizophrenia and organic brain syndrome disorders have two types in them.

They are acute and chronic symptoms. Chronic is long-lasting whereas acute is temporary. Cerebral syphilis forms part of the chronic symptoms as it is caused by bacteria called treponema pallidum.

There are basically four stages. They are Primary, Secondary, latent, tertiary. There are 3 ways in which bacteria can enter your body. The first is sexual contact. The second is direct contact like a wound. The third is congenital that is happens from mother to unborn child.

Symptoms of paresis in fact look general and cannot be identified. But there are some others are which can be paid attention to such as:

1. Carelessness

2. Mistakes in work

3. Deterioration in personal habits

4. Reduced comprehension

5. Indifference toward problems

6. Blunting of affect

7. Promiscuous sexual behavior.

Then the other type of syphilis is passed basically from mother to child. Such passing is called as congenital syphilis and hence called juvenile paresis.

Its symptoms are progressive physical and mental impairments affecting memory, comprehension, Judgment, motor incardination and speech disturbances, convulsions.

Treatment: Basically the goal of the treatment is to cure the infection and slow the disorder from getting worse. The provider will prescribe penicillin or other antibiotics to treat the infection. Also there are many other ways treatment is available.

Hence we must be aware of the people around us and the issues they face because we might see a good person becoming promiscuous. And then we can think and tag that person as morally bad. People hardly think what could have occurred for such a person to go such extreme. Also before giving birth to children one must do all necessary pregnancy tests. One must check the health of the fetus. If the mother is unhealthy, then it can become a problem for the baby. One can take necessary decisions related to pregnancy if only that person is aware.

Also, another thing is one must avoid on all grounds unprotected sex and should intervene and check the hygiene of the needle which is going to be pricked in your body.

Remember your health is your responsibility.



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