As there is no introduction needed to tell about this social game because every age group knows about this game but as a formality, let me also introduce this game.PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) as the name suggests the gamers are unknown to each other at a virtual battleground containing weapons & vehicles. The game can only accommodate 100 players at a time with a squad of 4 players with various options of battleground maps. I don't know the reason why it is so popular? But in my knowledge simplicity of the game attracts all age groups, even the cricketers are affectionate towards the game. It can be played both on computers & phones, though mostly played on phones.


The game was made for entertainment purpose only, but we are playing the social game as our routine work. Generally, a game should be played not more than 1-2 hours extreme till 2.5 hours but not more than that. But we are contrary to that; there is no time limit they can play unlimited with no restrictions. That is when the entertainment word vanishes & addiction word introduced. Addiction of anything could be dangerous; the word fits on the age group between 10-19, yes youths they are very much influenced towards the game, which kills their career & thinking capacity.


If the game played in a controlled manner, nothing matters on our health, but in an uncontrolled & unlimited, it could be life-threatening, now some people will question how a game threatens our health? The answer is playing the game for long hours can damage our brain cells, which can cause bleeding, strokes, depressions etc. The eyes will destroy in a worse manner; this could be a warning for us all.


Parents play a crucial role in this; they can advise their children in the best manner. The puberty is very sensitive & should handle carefully. Physical exercise, outdoor games, creative works should be in existence so that addiction towards the game may destroy & excessive use of mobile & computer should be discouraged, but this needs calm & patience to overcome this problem. Compelling any decision is not the solution to this!


This part needs attention because this is the most crucial part of "PROMOTION". The social game platform, endorsed by many you tubers & also by many celebrities, cricket etc. I am not saying it is wrong to promote the game, but it is supported aggressively especially by many you tubers, they set an online platform so that they can play the game live with the world & not only this they also earn super cash which is some instant money so that their viewers can interact to them freely. The brands also promote the game to lure the children, which spreads the popularity of the game like a wildfire.


The saddest part; many children aged between11-18 lost their lives because of this addictive game. But the reality is also that they did not have self-control on themselves as they continuously play the game day-night with no restriction. Some children also lost their mental ability & in some cases, they also killed their parents because they were restricting the gameplay. As the death toll raised the need for rehabilitation centres were set up to bring the youths back to the track. But this is not stopped, the death is still ongoing among the teens.


The ban is not the solution or end of this game, there should be various workshops created by schools/colleges about the game & its ill effects, so that teens can understand most efficiently also the teens should be kept busy in a various engaging sessions so that they can't kill their precious time on the game. The Developer of the game also took an applauding decision to limit the gameplay up to 2 hours & after the time limit the game would stop working; we also expect some excellent choice in future.