How To Start A Profitable Business In Australia

Zac Walker
Feb 26, 2020   •  1 view

Entrepreneurs are supposed to take risks. If you don’t feel like risking too much, but you do plan to start a business, you should consider some of the businesses that have proven to be profitable. Having some experience in the business will be very beneficial if you do decide to start your own business.


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The economy always changes. If you don’t know which business to start, consider some of the latest trends in the business world. You shouldn’t neglect your interests and skills either. If you manage to find a lucrative business that you have passion for, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Gaming business

With advances in technology, the gaming business is growing all over the world. Australia isn't an exception to this. When the gaming business is mentioned, people usually think of games and consoles. While these do bring a lot of money, the in-game micro transaction market shouldn’t be forgotten either. A growing market such as this one comes with numerous opportunities for you to show your skills and become a successful entrepreneur.

The micro transaction market includes the possibility for gamers to purchase virtual items for small amounts of money. Of course, you couldn’t do this on your own. The developers would have to make an important part of the process. You should keep in mind that a percentage of the profit is going to be theirs. Since the gaming industry is growing and it’s becoming more and more popular, if you do everything right, you're bound to start a profitable business once you decide to follow this career path. If you like gaming too, this is the perfect business for you.

E-Book Publishing Company

Whether you like it or not, this is a digital era and technology has ruled over everything. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be too strict. Technology does enable people to function more easily. For instance, reading has been facilitated in many ways. People are turning more and more to e-readers and it does make sense. It’s much easier to carry around a single device with 20 books in it than carrying actual 20 books.


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If you are a fan of reading and you see yourself in this business, now may be the perfect time to start it. The e-books market is growing in Australia and it will continue to grow in the future. Your company would help other publishers when it comes to publishing e-books and your platform would be great for marketing the e-book for potential sales. Since you are the one who puts the risk too on the line, you can arrange a profit-share plan and ensure your percentage of the revenue. You’ll love this business even more once you see how much higher the profit for e-books is than for traditional books.

Internet and Smart Device Network Security Business

Another Internet-related business idea is the network security business. Faster Internet is required everywhere, Australia included. With the breakthroughs in smart devices that allow such use of the Internet, always come to some not so positive consequences. For instance, if the focus is only on the speed of the Internet, the chances are that the security is not as good as it should be.

Because of this, starting a smart device network business would be a great idea. It could seem complicated because you would have to consult with governments, cities, or private businesses, but it is a lucrative business. You would consult these parties on setting the network and managing the security systems behind it. Your company could help install a smart grid for monitoring roadways for repair if the city needs it. If you find this interesting and think you're skilled, you shouldn't dismiss this as a possibility.

Clothing business

If you don’t feel like starting technology-related companies, don't worry, there are a lot of other opportunities for you to show your skills and make money. For instance, starting a clothing business is just one of them. If you're a fashion fan and you feel like you could be successful in this area, you should consider starting this business.


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You can start by deciding what you want to sell and opening your boutique. You won’t need formal qualifications to start this kind of business, but you will have to know a thing or two about the business. Working in this industry is not at all complicated, and particularly wholesale clothing in Australia is highly profitable. You should get informed about the competition to see where you are and get into the business once you think you’re ready.

Augmented Reality Safari Guides

Tourism is a very important business branch in Australia. Thanks to its breathtaking landscapes, unique fauna, and friendly people, people love visiting Australia. Because of this, it's no wonder that starting a tourism-related business is so lucrative. You can even get creative and take it all to the next level. You can do so by starting an augmented reality safari guide. You’ll need to invest a bit in the equipment, but the good thing is that it’s bound to pay off in the end.

You can invest in some headsets, for instance. Once the tourists wear them, they will be able to see some statistics, read some interesting information, and improve their overall experience. Because this is a new idea and that the experience is worth it, you'll be able to raise the prices. Because of that, your investment will soon pay off. Of course, you don’t have to do this; you can do something else that is also creative and inventive. Tourism is a field fun on its own. When you add such interesting twists, it becomes even more enjoyable.

Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a small but profitable business to start, you may consider cleaning services. This is one of the businesses that you can try in your neighborhood. You won’t have to invest a lot in the beginning and you’re bound to have clients. If you start small and then work your way up slowly, the chances of success are increased.


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For instance, you can start with cleaning homes. After a while, you can start cleaning smaller offices too. This way, you won't face some serious competition in the beginning and you won't get discouraged. After some time, once you get more experienced and skilled, you’ll be able to expand your business and start making big money.

Sometimes it isn't enough to choose a profitable business to become successful. What matters the most is your approach to the whole business. If you take everything seriously and do everything properly, you’ll have nothing to worry about, especially if you do choose some profitable niche.