How To Make An Impression With Luxurious Lighting In Your Home

Zac Walker
Mar 27, 2020   •  1 view

A house or an apartment cannot truly be called a home unless its decor reflects the design preferences of the owners. Lighting is an essential segment of home interior design in Australia and most Western countries.

Whether you decide to go with standard lighting, colored LEDs or natural light is not all the same in terms of interior design. In order to make an impression to visitors or prospective buyers, you have to install luxurious lighting fixtures inside your home and here is how to do it.


Chandeliers and pendant for large spaces

If you own a stately mansion or a spacious suburban house, then installing chandeliers has crossed your mind before. Both chandeliers and pendants are predominantly used to create a dramatic effect in large rooms, such as hallways and entryways.

An antique chandelier is ideal for the foyer but the kitchen can feature a more modern-looking pendant. One way you can manipulate a hanging light fixture is by shortening or lengthening the chain. In this sense, chandeliers can even be placed in villas that don’t have particularly high ceilings.

When it comes to pendants, you can manipulate the strength and quality of light they give out by changing the number of light bulbs and their position. Furthermore, their shape is an integral part of the décor of each room.

For example, an orb-like pendant light can hang over the dining table, determining its overall feel more than the tables and chairs. The shape of the orb was interesting to conceptual artists who littered Sydney harbor with glowing orbs resembling the Sun back in 2014.

Lighting up the bathroom with scones

When it comes to wall-mounted light fixtures, no piece is better than a scone. The best thing about scones is that they can be styled both vintage and modern so you build in the ones that go with the style of your water room the best.

Furthermore, scones that are finished in copper or brass add that timeless look to your bathroom that prospective buyers would be willing to pay extra. In fact, after you hire electrical services in Sydney to install wall mounts for scones, you can play with their style as much as you like.


Special light for each room

An excellent way to ensure the entire space, i.e. each and every room gets that luxurious feel is through smart lighting. Modern lighting systems can be used to tune lights in different rooms separately from each other.

This way, you can turn up the lights in the living room of there is a person reading there and dim the lights in the bedroom upstairs if someone’s trying to go to sleep. Installing a system like is not as expensive as you think, as older homes can be retrofitted with smart light. Living in an aged mansion doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to solely using antique chandeliers.

Make the switch to LED lights

Although LED lights are the new standard, many homeowners still haven’t given up on their old, incandescent light bulbs. We are sorry to say but there is nothing luxurious about light bulbs that were invented more than a century ago by Thomas Edison. Sure, they might look nice but they are inefficient in terms of energy use.

Once you replace incandescent light bulbs with LED ones (which is a 1-to-1 switch), expect the electricity bill to go down because LEDs use as much as 40% power to operate. This is because they use 95% of energy to produce light and only 5% to heat up themselves; the exact opposite percentage of incandescent light bulbs. Their energy efficiency also allows them to be produced in various shades, rendering them ideal for impressive lighting fixtures.

What about floor and table lamps?

So far, we have mainly been discussing light sources that are attached to the ceiling. However, floor and table lamps that are used for ambient lighting are also important in interior design. Through them, owners maximize the functionality of light fixtures inside their home.

Essentially, floor lamps should be paired up with floor lights. The light they emit can be synchronized in terms of intensity and color so the observer feels like there are several light sources where there is only dimmed ambient light.

Also, table lamps are rather functional so be sure to have one on every work desk in the house, including the children’s. Moreover, table lamps should be used in every room that doesn’t get enough light from above. In these cases, floor and table lamps act as task lighting, helping people read, rather than acting as ambient lights.

As you have seen from our examples, attaining lighting luxury in your home is not that hard. The financial investment is minuscule in comparison to the effect you get in terms of interior décor.