Color Psychology In Home Design

Zac Walker
Mar 30, 2020   •  2 views

Color is just an element of light and because of that different ones will give off different moods in your home. If you look into the color psychology you will learn that just by picking the right color you can create the perfect mood in your home. But the most important thing is to know that each color can have a different impact on different people. Some factors are culture, age and even life experience. Here are how some colors can have a psychological effect on you.

Psychological Effects of Yellow

We are all familiar with yellow being a color of wisdom, warmth, happiness, and sympathy. If you want to have a room that will make your airy and cheerful then yellow is a color to go for. But you have to use it wisely because if you use it in a large amount it can have a negative effect and be overstimulating. And because of its cheerfulness, any people in Sydney choose to have yellow accents in their homes.

Psychological Effects of Orange

For those who like the look of the red interior but find it too aggressive can easily replace it with orange. This fun color is great for dining rooms, offices, and kids’ rooms. Orange symbolizes hospitality and courage. Also, it can make you feel more energetic, loving and adventurous.

Psychological Effects of Green

As we all know green is seen as the color of nature. It is a symbol of good luck and hope. Green is an amazing color and it goes with many different colors. It looks the best in combination with white for offices and living rooms.

Psychological Effects of Blue

Many people aren't aware of how important the color blue is to our minds. Blue is the best option for bedrooms because it provides you with a feeling of peace and serenity and it's an overall soothing color to look at. But just with any color blue can be really depressing if you use it too much. To avoid creating a depressing mood you can consult with professionals like the North Shore painters, to help you out and create a perfect mood in your house.

Psychological Effects of White

White is the most commonly used color when it comes to home design. That is because it provides a feeling of faith and innocence. It is also great for small spaces as it can make it appear larger. White can make your interior look fresh and crisp.

Psychological Effects of Purple

Purple is considered to be the color of royalty. It has the effect of giving your room a really dramatic and dignified look. Purple works really well with other colors but it looks the best combined with other jewel tones and light neutral colors. It is great for girls’ rooms or living rooms.

Psychological Effects of Black

Often the color black is associated with death, evil and mourning. But it can also be the color of wisdom. If it is used in home design it can be a complementary color if used in small amounts. When you use it right it can add elegance and death in a room.

How To Choose The Color Based On Its Psychological Impact

Even though different colors affect people differently as those colors reflect the personality they have. If you are a passionate and bold person you might feel best in rooms that are orange or red. But if you are shy and calm, going for colors like blue or green might be perfect for you.

Keep in mind that no choice can satisfy everybody's wants and likings, but try to find something that will work fine for everyone in the house. So make sure that you do your research before buying the paint.