Travel isn’t an excuse to forgo your personal hygiene. Yes, keeping clean and healthy during trips and travels may seem a bit complicated and tricky, but once again, that’s not an excuse to do nothing about it.

There are ways to keep clean and stay healthy and fresh when traveling. Take a look at these couple of tips that can help you with your hygiene when traveling.

Keeping your hands clean

Honestly, this shouldn’t even be mentioned as it’s something that every person should know, but let’s just put it ou there.

Traveling implies touching a lot of unsanitary surfaces, traveling in public transports, visiting public bathrooms and many more similar places. This is why, for many travelers, hand sanitizers are a priority. They don’t go anywhere without antibacterial gels, hand sanitizers, disinfection wipes, soaps, and similar items.

Keeping your hands clean can save you many unnecessary troubles that you wouldn’t want to come across when traveling. Troubles like getting sick, picking up germs unlike any you have ever encountered that your body has no way of fighting, and many more unsanitary things.

To avoid all these troubles, the easiest way to protect yourself is by keeping your hands clean at all times. You can do that by always carrying a travel bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes. Ultimately, you can make your own hand sanitizer and always keep it in your bag. Start with your hands!

Take care of your oral hygiene, too

We recommend you visit your dentist before any long or short travel. Dental checkups are always a good idea before traveling, especially if you’re traveling to developing countries or places where dental offices can’t be easily reached. Dental offices or clinics like Penrith Dental Clinic can have your teeth cleaned and they can also tell you if there’s something that should be done before you set off on your trip.

Taking care of your oral and dental hygiene during travels is also something that you should be doing regularly. Don’t allow yourself to get bad breath, use items like disposable toothbrushes, mouth fresheners, mouth cleaning liquids to name a few.

Also use mints, gums, anything that will stop bacteria from growing in your mouth.

Taking care of your facial hygiene

Facial hygiene sometimes simply falls back into the background for some reason. However, taking care of facial hygiene when traveling is as equally important as keeping your hands clean.

Our facial skin is affected by the elements, sun exposure, humidity, climate change and so on. In addition, different people have different types of skin – some have dry skin others have oily. All this must be taken into consideration, especially when going on a trip.

Starting from the number one thing that you should always have when traveling – sunscreen. Regardless of whether you’re going to hot and sunny places, or cold and rainy – having protection against UV rays is always a good thing.

Next on the list should be a moisturizer, this is especially necessary for people with dry skin. Cleansers and face-cleaning wipes are always handy in these kinds of situations as well.

Washing your body

Our bodies sweat which is a normal bodily function and a way to regulate our body temperature. Sweat or perspiration is normal, but in a warm and humid environment, we’re likely to sweat more than usual. We all know that sweat produces an odor that can be rather bad.

This is nothing unusual, but the problem arises when there is no water or access to shower facilities. How do we deal with this kind of problem then?

Thankfully, these days there are some soaps that don’t require water also known as a no-rinse body washes and they are ideal for travelers going to places with no access to clean water.

Other good solutions include personal wet body wipes, using natural deodorants and wearing airy clothes.

In case you have the option of using a shower, always use flip flops or sandals when taking a shower. This is especially recommended if you’re using shared bathrooms and showers. You never know who was there before you!

Wash your clothes

Washing your clothes when traveling may sound extremely complicated to you right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Usually, when traveling you’ll pack lightly and strategically – meaning clothes that are convenient and necessary.

Mostly, people opt for clothes that won’t wrinkle easily and that dry quickly. However, situations will arise where you’ll have to wash your clothes. Of course, you can always find a laundromat or something similar, but there will be cases where you won’t have this option.

In that case, people have invented these things called portable clothes washing and drying devices such as portable drying racks or portable sink washing machines and many similar devices. These can be super convenient ways to keep your clothes clean and dry when traveling.

Feminine hygiene

Never assume that the place that you’re traveling to has feminine hygiene products available. Our recommendation is to always travel-ready – carry your own supply of tampons, pads, toilet paper, wet wipes, and other items.

You may be going to a rural place where you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a possibility or way to find these feminine hygiene products. Being on a period without any of these things can’t be good.

Also, don’t forget to pack painkillers. You know yourself, and you know whether or not this will be necessary. Some women have very painful monthly cycles and painkillers and PMS medication is very important for them.

Bottom line is that traveling safely also implies having the best possible hygiene during this period. Just like it’s important to protect yourself with insurance it’s as equally important to keep clean and fresh.

There are travel-friendly items that can help you with this, you just need to know how to use them. Good hygiene practices can help you stay healthy on your trips around the world. Start by always keeping your hands clean and you’re already on a good way to being safe and healthy during the traveling period.

Staying healthy, safe and clean when traveling shouldn’t be difficult it should be a habit!