6 Things To Do When You Feel Boring

Zac Walker
Mar 27, 2020   •  128 views

Boredom is not just a mere inconvenience. In fact, there are accounts claiming that boredom is bad for your health and can have lasting, negative effects on your psyche. Other than just ruining your day, feeling bored is also a massive waste of time and time is (as we all know it) a finite resource. However, what is the opposite of boredom – exciting, challenging, fun? Well… yes, all of those things. In other words, you have so many options when it comes to what you should be doing in order to avoid feeling bored and here are six suggestions that you should seriously take into consideration.

1.      Learn a new skill

Perhaps the best thing to do in these scenarios is to do something productive and try learning a new skill. Now, a lot of people are put off by the fact that this is difficult, complex and may require a lot of time. They say that it takes about 10,000 hours in order to master any skill, however, you do not necessarily have to achieve mastery or even a high level of competence. On the other hand, there is the concept of microlearning, which allows you to learn a simple skill (a single baking recipe, how to make a particular tie knot, etc.) in a matter of minutes. This way, you can do something useful and develop a habit of learning new things every single day.

2.      Get outside of your comfort zone

Getting outside of your comfort zone is a hard thing for a lot of people, which is why some may find it quite odd as a thing that you should do just because you’re feeling bored. Nonetheless, this is probably the only way for you to discover passions that you never before knew you had. You see, there are a lot of things that you’ve always dreamt of doing, which might not even feel as good as you would imagine them to. Then again, there are also so many things that would surprise you in this regard. The only way to figure this one out is to go out there and try new things for yourself.

3.      Spice up your sex life

One of the things that could introduce the biggest change to your life is the idea of spicing up your sex life a bit. For those who are in a relationship, such a thing might require you to start communicating more when it comes to your intimate relationship. However, even those who are currently without a partner have more than several ways to make an improvement. In countries like Australia, where prostitution is legal, it is fairly logical that one would consider hiring the services of a professional. Still, for obvious reasons, it would be for the best if a person in question were to go to a reputable establishment, like The Palace Brothel in Melbourne.

4.      Play a video game

Why not revisit the idea of playing video games, even if it’s not something that you normally do? You see, there’s no such thing as liking or disliking video games. Why? Well, because there’s a genre for everyone. Some people enjoy strategy games, others prefer adrenaline-intensive FPS (first-person shooter) genre, while a lot of people like the immersive nature of RPGs (role-playing games). Then again, for some who merely want an escape from the mundane, there’s nothing quite like an interactive movie-like experience of an adventure/exploration game or a simulator. All in all, you have plenty to choose from.

5.      Meet new friends or reconnect with some old ones

Are there people that you were inseparable with in high school or in college but haven’t heard of ever since? Well, maybe now is the time for you to ring them up. In the era of Facebook, it’s relatively easy to track these people down and catch up with them. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you should travel half-way across the country in order to meet with them in person. Sometimes, all that it takes is for you to ask them how they’re doing and start chatting them up occasionally. Other than this, you could start going to different places in the hope of meeting someone new.

6.      Change your job

Figure out what exactly it is that’s making you so bored. For a lot of people, it’s work and the fact that they spend too many hours per week doing something that they absolutely hate. In this situation, changing your career path might be the right thing to do. Just remember that you first need to have an idea of what you would do next and check the local job market. Keep in mind that this is a major step that’s going to change so much in your life, which means that it’s not something that you should do lightly. Still, if done right, this should lead to a massive improvement when it comes to your quality of life.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the measure that you’re supposed to take against the feeling of boredom mostly depends on the circumstances. You won’t change your job just because you’re having a slow day at work and you won’t make a life-changing decision because you’ve felt bored one afternoon. However, if the situation is dire, dire measures may be needed. Keep this in mind while considering your next move.



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