Are you feeling alone these days though you are in a group ?

Feeling sad ? But don’t know the perfect reason for that.

Feeling depressed?

If your answer is yes then you are definitely looking on a right page, even though your answer is no don’t worry, may be you can share with your friends and may be they really deserve to know this.

Let’s start with a simple question, so did you ever feel your phone vibrated without even getting a message ? Did you ever take out your mobile from your pocket, turn the screen on and then off it again for no reason ? Do you ever felt like you got a message or a cal even though you didn’t get one ?

I think obviously your answer is yes!! And congratulations you are in the first stage of depression, yeah you heard right, those are the good and perfect signs for your feeling of sadness and aloneness.

Smartphones are a miracle of present day technology, you can do every thing on your fingertips. They let you do many things like from taking an excellent photograph to finding a romantic partner online, they are pretty affordable by everyone, so that it has become a prominent feature for every individual.

The basic key thing to remember in your life is every coin has both advantages and disadvantages of it. And it’s totally based on the side you choose.

Increasing evidence suggests that the negative effects of smartphone use might also extend into the realm of mental health. Problematic smartphone use - compulsive or excessive - could worsen symptoms ofanxietyand depression. Research has found that some individuals experience intense anxiety when separated from their phones, and some even exhibit withdrawal-like symptoms if they can't check their device.

Another major reason is using mobile phones during eating sessions. You can think it’s just nothing and possibly nothing would happen as there’s no contact for food and watching a phone in your hand but pardon me, you are on a wrong track.

Many problem in our body starts from digestive system and you are ruining your digestive system. Your mouth eats the food you keep in but you are not concentrating on what you are eating and waiting for your partners message or watching WhatsApp status or might be some other video, trust me this doesn’t help you rather it puts you in danger. Many reaserchers have proved it too. So, many people even started no phone at dining table and observer a good result in a quick time.

I know it’s very hard to keep your mobile away from you for a while, but it’s just for your own sake.

You need a solution to get out of this stuff ?

if yes then don’t worry, you are just few steps away from it.

This is an ancient method but most effective method, we can call it as 21 day method like any work you can want to implement, then do it for 21 days and that work gets habituated in our life.

What should I do ?

simple, you also start dine with phone way, I mean put your phones away while eating, set up screen time for your phones, start reading books, go for a walk (without a mobile) spend time with your friends( not on mobile) ,talk to your parents, enjoy the nature, do meditation, go to gym and just try this for 21 days and you no more have the feeling of sadness or you feel alone or depressed.

So guys I think we have a solution for your problem, in case if you have a serious problem then consult a psychiatrist immediately and one last thing to remember put your phone away and then problem away!!! -yeswanth



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Superb bro... I did it for 2 minutes and it worked.
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This is gnani
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