What Is Writing And Some Things About Me!

Waleed Ahmar
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So to start off 3 basic things you should know about me

1)I love watching TV shows

2)I am an avid book reader

3)I'm all about the above two things just wanted to have an exact 3 points.

Let's talk about me…

I have always been an extremist. I was at the very extremes of my emotions all my life, I was never at a normal point. It was sometimes advantageous in life. Life is all about ups and downs. At some point you would feel somewhat blank and sometimes you might have a list of things to do without having anything to worry about.

When it comes to writing I consider my example a good one. In writing I was always at nowhere, I mean I had nothing literally nothing to write. I used to copy ideas from other books and just twist it and trust me it was a bummer. My biggest supporter in writing, my dad who also wrote poems,shayris, and short stories. He  suggested and inspired me to read more non-fiction and autobiography books. He thought that they are much realistic.

One important thing I learned during writing is that the topics you write about  should come naturally through your heart and experiences and should be realistic. Although I am not that old I'm just thirteen, I have a lot of incidents and memories that can be accounted as experience and if you imagine even a five year-old can write. Another thing is that the writer has to be at his/her Maximum patience level and should be open and far minded and should also have a wide imagination because it's your story anything could happen here. Writing is one of the greatest time passes too. I would like to implore you to write.

And I'm gonna wrap it up here. I woul be Writing more in the future and I'm open to topics, you can convey them to me at @waleedmessi533@gmail.com.

And yea totally forgot, my name is Waleed…..



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Loved the intro! Now let’s learn more about what goes on in that 13 year old mind of yours 🙂